Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monetizing The Power of The Introvert Mind

Think you're an introvert? If so you're probably right. But are you aware of the power this gives you? A power that commercial enterprise has been taking advantage of for decades. Learn how to monetize the power of your introvert mind and increase your own wealth.

Nothing comes close to having some downtime. A quiet, intimate room. Sitting in that favorite chair, feet up, legs crossed. Enjoying the solitude of the moment and doing what you do best without the constant distractions of the outside world. An armchair journey to an exotic paradise or an uncharted course to a distant cluster of galaxies. No tug-of-war between competing egos vying for the biggest mound of dirt they can find in order to proclaim themselves queen or king of the mole hill. The sweet solitude of me-time. But solitude is most blissful when it is also constructive and secularly productive.

Like everyone, introverts struggle to become productive income earners. But their gift is being able to see through trivial, transparent, delusions and focus on what's real, true, and constructive. And like many, introverts have a variety of constructive hidden talents and powers, some they themselves may not be aware of. Earning more income often requires the heightened social activity that comes with marketing a business. But there is a way to start a successful business and market it effectively without disrupting the solitude of the introvert lifestyle. How? Harnessing those secret introvert powers.
Monetizing The Power of The Introvert Mind

The fact is social media has replaced physical tactile contact. There is an ever growing number of introverts online. Tens of thousands of introverts are using social media to put their businesses in front of the growing audience of buyers, app users, and readers online. There are approximately 9 basic methods they are using to do this. None of these are time wasters or tricks to get you to sign forms, take surveys or enter sweepstakes that just sell your personally identifying data to commercial ad syndicates. These methods, when properly monetized earn real income and grow your business.

1. Blogging
2. Write articles
3. Creating Short Movies
4. Pinning Quotes
5. Pinning Comics and Jokes
6. Selling Stuff Online
7. Resell Stuff Online
8. Giving Expert Advice Online
9. Provide News Commentary

This leaves us with one basic questions. How do you monetize these methods and increase income exponentially? Good question!  I've written a book that answers that question in a clear, concise and methodical way that's easy to grasp and implement. This new business startup guidebook also answers the following questions:

What methods can you use to grow your income? 
How do you put out quality media that generates interest?
How do you target your audience? 
How do you get users to point of sales or click on ads?
How to you acquire long-term customer relationships? 
How do you do all of this without changing your quiet and focused lifestyle?

Harness your introvert powers and earn the income you deserve. Best of all you can do it without leaving the comfort your armchair. Next star to the right, engage!

Mark Askew is the Author of a newly released business guidebook made especially for those who regard themselves as introverts. "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." 

This book reveals the secrets of harnessing introvert powers while enjoying a private lifestyle that can help them increase income earnings dramatically.

The paperback and Kindle ebook "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business" guides the reader through the process with tips, tools, lists and best of all moderate social interaction, making the business building process a real pleasure. Follow the guides, funny anecdotal stories, amusing cartoons and logical format to get your private business up and running in no time.