Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Introverts Guide - How To Start A Successful Business

If you are or know someone who is an introvert make those hours in solitude count for something. Start a home business that grows income as you discover, hone and diversify your talents and skills.

The book about introvert success by successful introverts is out.  The Introverts Guide - How To Start A Successful Business. Don't waste another day. Turn those hours into billable hours and earn the income you deserve without the social hassles of the rat race.

You learn how to:
1. Set up a legal business entity.
2. Access your talents and skills
3. Hone your skills
4. Setup the business process
5. Market your business'
6. Grow your business
7. Join the i900
8. Enjoy a more productive lifestyle

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How To Start and Fund An Assisted Living Business

As adults live longer but still contend with common aging factors like disability the demand for assisted living services increases. That said, assisted living service providers have become a part of a growing market.  And for the past decade, this market has thrived.  Even now assisted living facilities have long waiting lists of potential clients needing immediate attention. If you're reading this article you want to know how to have a share in this high demand vocation.

Finding clients in a modest sized metropolitan area is not much of a challenge for assisted living providers. Getting licensing now compared to a decade ago has been better streamlined in lieu of the demand for 24-hour nursing care service.

Getting Started
There are two approaches to entering the assisted living market.

1. An in-home care program
2. An assisted living facility

Each approach requires the following:
1. An up-to-code facility
2. A properly accredited staff
3. A daily daycare program
4. A sustainable business and care process
5. A business plan that clearly outlines how the business will create profit and growth

Getting Funding
Learning how to plan, organize and manage such a facility is the key to success. Proving you can do it to investors and government permit agencies is another story. Healthcare management is one of the bigger issues. The entrepreneur would do well to carefully study local codes, certification and permit requirements, assisted living business guides and a detailed but comprehensive assisted living business plan.

Many entrepreneurs fail to draw up a winning assisted living business plan complete with accreditation and certification considerations, daycare program outlines, weekly and monthly supply details and provide a realistic 3-year profit projection with a feasible financial summary. But this is exactly what is needed in order to secure the funding necessary to start or grow an assisted living business. We call this a rock-solid winning business plan that gets the funding support needed.

Download and carefully study a pre-written assisted living business plan that was actually used to start a successful and thriving business. Modify the plan to fit your business needs and service provisions. You'll have a comprehensive assisted living provider business plan ready for investor and lender evaluation and approval in no time. Examine and download child and adult assisted living provider business plans here...

Assisted Living and Day Care Business Plans Now Available For Download. Current Pricing 25% off. was $169 Now $129. Examine and download child daycare and adult assisted living provider business plans here...

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

9 Basic Steps To Business Success

Is your business becoming all that it can be? Learn how to hustle, really hustle.

There are 9 basic steps to starting a successful business or reviving one that is dead in the water.

1. Revive your passion in what your doing and aspects of your business you personally enjoy fulfilling. 

2. Hone your skills for 100% customer satisfaction and beyond.

3. Hire, delegate or outsource business duties you hate doing.

4. Invest in a good lead agency.A

5. Invest in a good financial advisor and bookkeeper

6. Pay your taxes on time.

7. Be open to new technologies and creative marking methods.

8. Get the book on starting a very good hustle...

9. Download a prewritten winning business plan and study the strategies that make a business succeed in today's market.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How To Fund Your DayCare Business

It goes without saying, the daycare business is booming and has been for decades. Most responsible daycare providers are turning away scores of potential clientele every month. Finding clients in a modest sized metropolitan area is even less of a challenge. Getting licensing is easier than it used to be in lieu of the demand for daytime and early evening services. So if you're intent on starting an in-home or non-resident facility daycare program consider yourself among the wiser entrepreneurs. You've struck gold and will likely be well-off if you play the monopoly game right.

So why aren't there more people talking about daycare business start-ups? Often the challenge is not only bringing the business allocated area in your home or non-residential facility up to code.  The real challenge is getting the funding needed to get the work done. And why is this so much of a challenge? Many would-be daycare providing entrepreneurs fail to complete a written daycare provider business plan complete with certification considerations, day care program outline, weekly and monthly curriculum details and a realistic 3-year profit projection and feasible financial summary. Let's call this a rock-solid winning business plan. So what's the workaround that can get you the funding your business needs without a business plan?  Frankly, there is none. But there is a simpler way to come up with your own a rock-solid winning daycare provider business plan that shows investors and lenders precisely how your business will succeed. What is that?

Download and carefully study a pre-written daycare business plan that was actually used to start a successful and thriving daycare business. Modify the plan to fit your business needs and service provisions. You'll have a comprehensive daycare provider business plan ready for investor and lender evaluation and approval in no time.

Examine and download child and adult daycare, preschool, senior center and assisted living provider business plans here...

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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Key To Succeeding In Business...

Read to learn.
Learn to stay focused.
And you'll acquire the means to succeed.

Read Mark AngeloAskew's book
How to Start a Very Good Side Hustle

How To Start A Very Good Side Hustle

How To Start A Very Good Side Hustle

Monday, March 20, 2017

How To Start A Very Good Side Hustle

Hustling is what we do most of our waking hours. Bartering here and there. Doing a favor. Making good on a favor. Getting a cut from a deal. Figuring out how to get something of value dirt cheap. Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul. In addition, making hard cold cash from a legit above board side job. 

When it comes to working a side business, many are proud of themselves for their innovative entrepreneurial accomplishments. Yet for some reason, we often still come up short and find ourselves having to hustle harder and harder each year. If only we could get ahead. 

There is a key to staying ahead of the game? What is it? It's a six-step solution that transforms a decent side job into a very good growing side hustle that with the potential of becoming a primary source of income.

Get Mark Askew's new book based on the article "How ToMake A Good Hustle."

6 keys to a successful second income

By Mark Angelo Askew

Monday, January 23, 2017

Mastermind Introverts Reveal Business Success Secrets

Who are the i900?
by revealed.

Get expert advice on income generating ideas to start your business with virtually no money. You'll develop an expert marketing strategy, learn the keys to establishing loyal customer relationships, and much more. You'll also find out how to use basic technologies and the latest social media marketing features to market, promote, sell and grow your business.

Get the Do's and Don'ts of Starting An Online Business.
  1. Learn how to tap into and harness your introvert powers to make your small business a huge success
  2. Learn how enhanced and expanded article syndication helps you market your small business just like the big boys
  3. Find out how to make good use of LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites to grow your business
  4. Learn why you don't need a small business loan to start a business
  5. Find out what it takes to build and maintain a successful business in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape
Author, Mark Angelo Askew

Preview the Introvert's Guide How to Start a Successful Business on Kindle at
Preview in paperback at 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monetizing The Power of The Introvert Mind

Think you're an introvert? If so you're probably right. But are you aware of the power this gives you? A power that commercial enterprise has been taking advantage of for decades. Learn how to monetize the power of your introvert mind and increase your own wealth.

Nothing comes close to having some downtime. A quiet, intimate room. Sitting in that favorite chair, feet up, legs crossed. Enjoying the solitude of the moment and doing what you do best without the constant distractions of the outside world. An armchair journey to an exotic paradise or an uncharted course to a distant cluster of galaxies. No tug-of-war between competing egos vying for the biggest mound of dirt they can find in order to proclaim themselves queen or king of the mole hill. The sweet solitude of me-time. But solitude is most blissful when it is also constructive and secularly productive.

Like everyone, introverts struggle to become productive income earners. But their gift is being able to see through trivial, transparent, delusions and focus on what's real, true, and constructive. And like many, introverts have a variety of constructive hidden talents and powers, some they themselves may not be aware of. Earning more income often requires the heightened social activity that comes with marketing a business. But there is a way to start a successful business and market it effectively without disrupting the solitude of the introvert lifestyle. How? Harnessing those secret introvert powers.
Monetizing The Power of The Introvert Mind

The fact is social media has replaced physical tactile contact. There is an ever growing number of introverts online. Tens of thousands of introverts are using social media to put their businesses in front of the growing audience of buyers, app users, and readers online. There are approximately 9 basic methods they are using to do this. None of these are time wasters or tricks to get you to sign forms, take surveys or enter sweepstakes that just sell your personally identifying data to commercial ad syndicates. These methods, when properly monetized earn real income and grow your business.

1. Blogging
2. Write articles
3. Creating Short Movies
4. Pinning Quotes
5. Pinning Comics and Jokes
6. Selling Stuff Online
7. Resell Stuff Online
8. Giving Expert Advice Online
9. Provide News Commentary

This leaves us with one basic questions. How do you monetize these methods and increase income exponentially? Good question!  I've written a book that answers that question in a clear, concise and methodical way that's easy to grasp and implement. This new business startup guidebook also answers the following questions:

What methods can you use to grow your income? 
How do you put out quality media that generates interest?
How do you target your audience? 
How do you get users to point of sales or click on ads?
How to you acquire long-term customer relationships? 
How do you do all of this without changing your quiet and focused lifestyle?

Harness your introvert powers and earn the income you deserve. Best of all you can do it without leaving the comfort your armchair. Next star to the right, engage!

Mark Askew is the Author of a newly released business guidebook made especially for those who regard themselves as introverts. "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." 

This book reveals the secrets of harnessing introvert powers while enjoying a private lifestyle that can help them increase income earnings dramatically.

The paperback and Kindle ebook "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business" guides the reader through the process with tips, tools, lists and best of all moderate social interaction, making the business building process a real pleasure. Follow the guides, funny anecdotal stories, amusing cartoons and logical format to get your private business up and running in no time.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Using Introvert Powers To Fulfill New Year Resolutions

Statistics reveal that over 30-50% of the US population is introverted. While that is a staggeringly large chunk of the population introverts may consider themselves a bit of a minority. It is equally stunning to know that some of the top contributors to the world economy were introverts born in the US.

Mark Askew is the Author of a newly released guidebook made especially for those who regard themselves as introverts. "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." The book reveals secrets of how the introvert lifestyle helps them fulfill new year resolutions. Much as to do with the reduction of costs and time as well as taking the needed time to reflect, plan and develop formulas and strategize creative solutions to maintaining their lifestyle. It also contains keys to harnessing the power of the introvert mind. In addition, there is an impressive list of famous introverts who have made an impression on history and society as we know it.

Still, introverts may struggle to fulfill new years resolutions when it involves ultra social activities such as starting and marketing a business. The book "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business" guides the reader through the process with tips, tools, lists and best of all reduced social interaction, making the business building process not only possible but a real pleasure when following this books guides, funny anecdotal stories, amusing cartoons and logical solutions.

Q: "How many introverts does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One. They prefer to do it alone."

Interview with "The Introverts Guide" Author, Mark Askew.

Why did you write this book?
"I wanted to reach out to fellow introverts and provide reassurance and practical solutions to reaching their new year resolutions, particularly regarding starting a business. I also strongly believe it's my duty to do my part to promote economic growth and development in our communities. What better way than to appeal to the purveyors of original thought and invention. The quiet thinkers and strategists of our society."

What new years resolutions were directly related to helping you get your business up and running.
"My very first new years resolution was to write a business plan. I did.
The following year my second resolution was to start a business online. I did
My third was to diversify income streams. I did
My fourth was to enter the business startup consulting market. I did
My fifth was to learn to develop business plan writing software.
My sixth was to develop a business plan archives featuring the assisted living, senior centers, adult and child daycare and preschool industry.
My seventh was to add business plans for small work-from-home businesses."

What helped you fulfill those new year's business resolutions?
"I think a person should not only make resolutions but also coin a catchy phrase that will keep the goal in focus. That said, articles like Inspiring Quotes From Top CEO's or Celebrity and Entrepreneur New Year Resolution Quotes at can provide the motivation you need to stay focused on new year resolutions."

Is that all that's needed, catchy phrases and inspiration?
"No, setting goals, making resolutions, and getting inspiration are not enough. The bottom line is you need to consistently follow through weekly, monthly and yearly to progressively bring each goal to fruition. That said, get your hands on a progressive business plan. Progressive business plans help you reach realistic goals one step at a time gradually but sure at a pace you can live with. That's why I wrote the book "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." It guides the reader through the entire stage of business conceptualizing. planning, registration, and marketing with the goal of cost reduction and profit making."

What would you like to say to fellow introverts like yourself?

"Start the new year right. Be progressive. Fulfill your business goals one step at a time.
Take advantage of winning low overhead business plans that step you through the business startup process. Get Mark's book "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business" and start fulfilling your New Year resolution today."

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