Thursday, August 4, 2016

Most Promising Candidate Has One Bad Reference?

You've just finished interviewing candidates for a new position in your company. Your most promising new hire candidate has one bad reference. Should you hire him? It's a good question, and here's why. Sometimes a bad reference is nothing more than a bad attitude expressed on a bad day which can color perception and response. It's also interesting that the candidate listed  that particular person as a reference if knowing that it might jeopardize his chances of getting hired.

The reference could be mistaken, confusing one former employee with another or the employee may have been unknowingly subjected to blackmail and is now being blackballed to prevent further hire.

That said, consider looking more closely into the matter. Ask the candidate what it was like working for the company and specify the person referred.

Perhaps the incidents referred to were real and correctly assessed. But was the lack of dependability a purely circumstantial situation? Perhaps a family obligation preventing the employee from availability.  Performance impacting health issues or other handicaps. Most important is to determine whether the contributing factors have changed. This can be easily ascertained if more recent references are favorable.

A tip: Make sure your most favorable candidates understand the business process and marketing strategies. Those who have an appreciation of the business itself are most likely to make it shine. That said, take the time to review your companies business plan. If the company does not have one suggest writing a business plan complete with mission statement, company objectives, and business process. Use the business plan to orient new hires and identify the kind of performance that achieves stated objectives.

Author: Mark Angelo Askew
As a business plan download archivist, Fimark's Winning Business Plans, I have written several clear and detailed business plans for scores of new startups that have maintained substantial profits over the years. Pre-written business plan templates are the smart choice for startups. It allows you to study your competitor, create partner delegations and establish business processes to determine what works best for you and your business partners. The marketing strategies included are the life-blood of your business. In addition, these plans help you get the investor funding required to sustain and grow your business and profits.