Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Acquire Leads Clients and Customers

Trying to promote your service or sell your brand online includes a bit more than establishing a website. While your business may offer a specific service or product worthy of attention, you need to reach out to your audience so they can reach out to you. The big question is, how?

"The More You Give The More You'll Get"

Give them something worth getting. Everyone needs help with better financial planning, tax filing, and accounting. I suggest you do what folks are doing here MosaicHub, answer questions and give tips according to your  expertise. Sign up to about 5 similar discussion boards, Q&A's and article syndication networks and use these channels to created content that can be partially posted to your weekly blog.

Topics For Discussion

Use the questions on MosaicHub to determine topics worthy of addressing. Discuss matters that the average joe knows nothing or little about that will help them better manage their financial affairs. Give tax, accounting and file organization tips. Write about the positive experiences of your clients and help individuals learn from the less positive ones.

Finding and Targeting Your Audience

Regarding blogging and writing syndicated news articles, target families entering a new life transition, including the following:
1. Newlyweds
2. Newly engaged
3. First -time parents
4. Children entering college
5. Students graduating
6. Those starting a business.

Center your articles around these new life changes and help them think in terms of better financial planning, personal life changes as well as good time and money management issues.

Using Social Networks To Get The Word Out

Post snippets and links to your blog posts and news articles on your Google Plus, Facebook and twitter pages as well as on your website.

Contacting Potential Clients, Leads, and Customers

Once you've built up a following on Google, Twitter and Facebook send out personal messages to your followers such as congrats to newlyweds, newly engaged, first -time parents, children entering college, students graduating and those starting a business. Leave one tip or one wise quote regarding self-improvement with contact info in your signature line.

Message tip: Make people feel respected and highly regarded. freely commend others for their effort, be very polite, honorable, and considerate and always say thank you when appropriate.

Article writing tip: Be enthusiastic, factual, pleasantly funny and ridiculously honest about yourself.

Be the expert, counselor, sage and purveyor of better things to come. In time folks will literally be knocking down your door for help.

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