Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Obama's two-term 44th Presidency

The historic 8-year term of the 44th president of the United States is about to come to an end. What has Obama learned from his two-term presidential success and what can entrepreneurs learn to better grow our communities, local, national and world economy as well as personal wealth?

It all starts with a plan. Start developing your master business plan and start contributing to economic growth in your community. 

1. Establish a practical service and/or product you wish to offer and innovative ways the business will serve the developmental issues of your community.
2. Consider the company name, brand and legal entity from which to structure your business.
3. Determine the initial cost of building your business
4. Get guidance from experienced entrepreneurs in the industry.
5. To accomplish the above write a complete master business plan using a prewritten business plan to serve as a template to develop your ideas, branding, methods of achieving economic growth and marketing strategies.

Need some help writing your business plan? Download a prewritten business plan.  Start here