Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Grow Revenue and Market Your Business At The Same Time

Marketing your business can be a tedious and high-risk venture especially where cost is concerned. That said, how can you increase revenue and use it to grow your business while improving marketing strategies and promotion all at the same time? To answer this question we'll use an accountants business model and my personal marketing techniques as an example.

Identifying and Targeting Your Audience

First off let's say the accountant needs to draw in potential clients via his social network account and website. First step, target a specific audience.  What we mean by 'specific audience' is targeting people with specific needs beyond basic demographics. For example, new business owners will need information on establishing a day-to-day business process. Most likely these people are seeking to write out a business plan. In order to do this, a business process model will need to be found. Business process models are found in pre-written business plans. That said, the accountant decides to provide content in the form of a free ebook regarding, not accounting, or taxes, or even financial planning, but rather writing up a business plan with a focus on the day-to-day business process that includes good booking and recommending cloud accounting software.

Another group the accountant may choose to target are those trying to write up accurate and comprehensive business financials in a business plan with a view to presenting their business plan to investors or lenders. On his website and his social network pages he offers templates that enable the user to write up financials. He may also offer a how-to ebook on establishing good investor relations and negotiations that seal the deal. This gives him a platform from which to promote accounting services.

Diversify Your Offerings

The accountant may recommend a business plan archive that will draw people who need to learn about the business process, financials, and bookkeeping. That said, he sells business plan templates. For each business plan he referral, he acquires a lead in terms of identifying information about the buyer, such as his or her name, address, email, and phone number. In addition, the referral fee increases revenue, some of which is used for further marketing ventures such as an ad campaign.

Cloud Remarketing Retargeting Advertising

Rather than cold calling the buyer to pitch his services he may choose to invest some of his sales dollars into cloud-based remarketing or retargeting ads that promote his services. Cloud-based ads that follow the user wherever he goes online.

Blogging Still Most Effective Marketing Strategy

From another marketing perspective... If you write a weekly blog regarding the business process, understanding financials in business plans, bookkeeping tips, and tax issues, you may be able to engage the reader to the point of asking questions in the comments section of your post.

Writing and Selling How-To Book

Writing how-to books are the ideal way to draw in potential clients and it's not as difficult as it might seem.  If you post an article to your blog each week you will have ample content for writing a how-to book in just six months or less. Writing and selling a book focused on your expertise gives you, your service and website greater credibility and distinction.

Write a book about the business process from a business accountants perspective. Discuss do's and don'ts, good bookkeeping tips and common questions asked on your blog. Include the value of cloud accounting in the book. Self-publish the book online as well as at  There are helpful self-publishing business plans available that can help guide you through the process. Book buyers and inquirers are potential accounting clients. Hold book signings at libraries and business expos. More potential clients. Sell the book on your blog and website.

Webinars and Seminars

The accountant might consider holding webinars or in-person seminars that focus on reducing paperwork and filing, reducing business spending, expanding portfolios, streamlining interoffice reporting and communication issues as well as the value of live data alerts, a cloud accounting feature. These webinars and seminars will also provide content for your blogs and books which will, in turn, grow leads and clients exponentially.

Smart Website Design Features

Regarding website design. A viewer should see your credentials and feel impressed to take action within a 10-second glance of your website. Don't underestimate the value of an appealing website that quickly answers their questions about who you are, the quality of service you deliver and your aim to please. This is their call to action and makes people more engaging.  That said, take a look at the following pages:

Follow the link and page down to "Website Copy" to check out Alexis Kimbrough’s site at Growth Group. For a more economical web hosting product notice similar web design features offered by MyEvents As you follow these tips and methods you will be able to grow revenue while marketing your business at the same time.

Author: Mark Askew 
Mark is the owners of Fimark's Winning Business Plans and Business Plan Writer. Access hundreds of business plans and business plan writing templates. Looking for a business plan complete with business process, financials and marketing strategies? Visit the business plan archive for instant downloads.

How To Acquire Leads Clients and Customers

Trying to promote your service or sell your brand online includes a bit more than establishing a website. While your business may offer a specific service or product worthy of attention, you need to reach out to your audience so they can reach out to you. The big question is, how?

"The More You Give The More You'll Get"

Give them something worth getting. Everyone needs help with better financial planning, tax filing, and accounting. I suggest you do what folks are doing here MosaicHub, answer questions and give tips according to your  expertise. Sign up to about 5 similar discussion boards, Q&A's and article syndication networks and use these channels to created content that can be partially posted to your weekly blog.

Topics For Discussion

Use the questions on MosaicHub to determine topics worthy of addressing. Discuss matters that the average joe knows nothing or little about that will help them better manage their financial affairs. Give tax, accounting and file organization tips. Write about the positive experiences of your clients and help individuals learn from the less positive ones.

Finding and Targeting Your Audience

Regarding blogging and writing syndicated news articles, target families entering a new life transition, including the following:
1. Newlyweds
2. Newly engaged
3. First -time parents
4. Children entering college
5. Students graduating
6. Those starting a business.

Center your articles around these new life changes and help them think in terms of better financial planning, personal life changes as well as good time and money management issues.

Using Social Networks To Get The Word Out

Post snippets and links to your blog posts and news articles on your Google Plus, Facebook and twitter pages as well as on your website.

Contacting Potential Clients, Leads, and Customers

Once you've built up a following on Google, Twitter and Facebook send out personal messages to your followers such as congrats to newlyweds, newly engaged, first -time parents, children entering college, students graduating and those starting a business. Leave one tip or one wise quote regarding self-improvement with contact info in your signature line.

Message tip: Make people feel respected and highly regarded. freely commend others for their effort, be very polite, honorable, and considerate and always say thank you when appropriate.

Article writing tip: Be enthusiastic, factual, pleasantly funny and ridiculously honest about yourself.

Be the expert, counselor, sage and purveyor of better things to come. In time folks will literally be knocking down your door for help.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Obama's two-term 44th Presidency

The historic 8-year term of the 44th president of the United States is about to come to an end. What has Obama learned from his two-term presidential success and what can entrepreneurs learn to better grow our communities, local, national and world economy as well as personal wealth?

It all starts with a plan. Start developing your master business plan and start contributing to economic growth in your community. 

1. Establish a practical service and/or product you wish to offer and innovative ways the business will serve the developmental issues of your community.
2. Consider the company name, brand and legal entity from which to structure your business.
3. Determine the initial cost of building your business
4. Get guidance from experienced entrepreneurs in the industry.
5. To accomplish the above write a complete master business plan using a prewritten business plan to serve as a template to develop your ideas, branding, methods of achieving economic growth and marketing strategies.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Optimizing Your Website For Effective Internet Marketing

So you finally have a website with the promise that it will help you promote your business and improve effective marketing. This does not come automatically. The key is to know how to use it to connect to millions of users who value who you are, what you do and the product or service you offer. So how do you get this done? Basically, all the steps involved in achieving good page rank by way of Google and Alexa have much to do with it.

First off, understand that achieving good ranking takes time and work. The following steps will both establish and increase page rank while also improving your marketing strategy.

1. Connect your website to several social networks and remain active responding to comments, likes and setting up webinars.
2. Connect your page to your blog.
3. Maintain a weekly blog post.
4. Connect your web pages to an interactive app.
5. Set up a discussion board on your site and keep it active.
6. Write articles linked to your websites pages and post them across several news syndicates.

Over time you will see traffic, hits and reach grow exponentially.  In time your page rank will as well. 

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best Time To Start A Business

Perhaps the most asked question of potential business owners is... 
When is the best time to start a business?

While many focus on getting adequate education including bachelors and masters degrees consider this...

Many successful entrepreneurs cannot boast of having a degree. Yet these are business savvy as a result of family training and personal hands-on experience. Still business and time management courses are essential. Having said that, the best time to start a business is when you have established three basic springboards and enjoy a significant degree of leverage. This should include the following:
1. Experience running a similar operation from the management level down.

2. ability to assemble a well groomed, motivated, and experienced team of players for all aspects of the business process.
3. Established, meaningful and trusting relationships with the kind of people in the industry who will back and support your business once established.
4. Good personal life choices that will help you better manage your time and leverage finance needs include the following:
1, Manageable size of household
2. Adequate current income,
3. Good financial standing
4. Availability of seed money
5. No parental care provider issues
6. Manageable household and personal health care issues
7. Well established investor relationships
8. Strong robust market
9. Basic understanding of good booking and money management
Once these basic ducks are in a row you're closer to the ideal time to start a business.

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