Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Access Cheap Market Research Data

Accessing marketing research data can be a real pain on the brain. Not to mention burn a whole in the wallet. Market research data is expensive. So how can you find it on the cheap?

Public Stock Press Releases
You'll find valuable market research data in your competitor's own written business plan. Accessing such data is not as hard as it might seem. If your competitor offers public stock, examine corporate investor reports, company newsletters, company press releases and business magazine articles as well as latest online company announcements that may impact the market, company financials, and stock prices.

Comparative Competitive Studies
While public press released can provide enormous amounts of marketing research info regarding companies looking to advance tend to focus on projections whereas providing information regarding current market conditions is limited. That said locate business plans of companies in competition with one another. Often these business plans compare competitors ability to penetrate the market, while examining strategies and outcomes.

Online Business Plan Archives
The best place to find business plans containing market research data is via online business plan archives. These are run and maintained by commercial, education, and government agencies. The least expensive approach are via government agencies providing free business plan archives those interested in starting a small business. The drawback here is that much of that data is dated. (No pun intended.)

Business plan archiving is the number one source of affordable market research data. Find competitive business plans here.