Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Blogging Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Several decades ago I began providing financial services via an online articles archive. This resulted in thousands of engagements and referrals during the historic refinance wave of the late nineties and early 2000's.  I must admit. I learned a thing or two. One is this... Wether you're running a for profit business, lead acquisition service or a non-profit organization, getting targeted social engagement is an essential element leading to success. So how do you get the world's attention draw the masses to your door? How do you engage them to the extent desired and then keep them coming back for more? In a few words, write a blog. A social network enabled blog, of course.

Got Blogs Will Travel

Blogging is perhaps the most effective means of social engagement there is. 
The Blogosphere is a society in and of itself. That said, join the blog universe. Why enter? The kind of people you're looking for don't lift a finger unless they feel like it. Feelings run deep. Doing business based on personal choice is all about having a good feeling about what is being done. People read to feel and inspiring meaning feelings lead to meaningful social engagement. While this does not happen overnight it does happen over time. Consider the blogger/reader relationship. You deliver something worthy of their time attention, a relationship developes and in time loyalty is established. Not long after that comes the incentive to interact with you and your company. 

What To Blog?

So what should you blog about? Keep in mind blogging is about sharing real life with a real person. It's about empathy, humor and sharing a common thread from day to day. That said, blog about the charity and the real people being helped by it. Blog about life in general. Blog about community involvement. Blog about the positive impact good solutions have on the lives of those who seek them. 

How do you find real people to read your blog? Post snippets of the blog across all your social network platforms, email them to clients. Submit to blog news portals and build a sizeable article post directory.  As a 12 year blogging veteran, 35 year successful entrepreneur, I know of what I speak. 

Blogging is such an essential element to promoting what you do and sell you'll find it listed among the top methods of successful marketing strategies in Fimark's winning business plans archives. Download your business plan complete with up-to-date marketing strategies here.