Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Retention, Referrals and Rewards

One vital lesson I've learned in my 35 years of entrepreneurship -Good customer service is the life-blood of any business. The most important consideration of a business is how it will provide excellent customer service that keeps them coming back for more. Not only that. Good customer service promotes numerous benefits that help resuscitate your business, bringing it back from the dead and keep it thriving for generations. Note the following list.

Rewards of Good Customer Service Practices

1. Customer service feedback improves products and services
2. It enables long-term client retention, 
3. Triggers ongoing customer referrals exponentially. 
4. Contributes to good cash flow and revenue. 
5. Makes for job retention and employee satisfaction. 
6. Aids in marketing effectiveness. 
7. Promotes sales growth. 
8. Inspires the practice of good business ethics. 
9. Benefits the overall operation of the company.

The big question is how do you deliver such a service? The answer is not so simple. If it were we would hear it shouted from the housetops, Mentioned in every marketing and sales periodical and taught at business seminars. Yet, in my experience, the answer seems to elude the most most professional business consultants. 

So here it is. How to provide excellent customer service. Simply put, you must have the means and resources to deliver it, and that requires that your business is getting good customer service itself. That said, consider your vendors and other business-to-business constituents. Focus on the quality of products and services being delivered to run your business. How effective are their services to it's smooth operation?

Regarding good customer service ethics consider the following list and compare it to what you're  actually getting in terms of service and how it impacts your ability to give excellent customer service to your clients.

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Ethics:

* Listen to your concerns and provides desired solutions.

* Follow up to assure you are pleased with products and services.

* Make customer service actions generate good results.

* Delivers a good experience that inspires loyalty.

* Always responds and delivers in a timely manner.

* Treats you the way you would want to be treated.

* Doesn't stop giving until you are happy.

The fact is, if you're getting excellent customer service you will likely have the means to deliver excellent customer service to your clients and retain them. Now you can focus on good customer service ethics. Once applied, over time your satisfied clients will do your marketing for you by by way of referring family, associates and business constituents to you each and every time you make them a little bit happier. 

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