Monday, May 23, 2016

14 WInning Business Plan Quotes

Over a decade ago I began planning for what are now over 5 thriving businesses. Soon after I helped scores of young entrepreneurs start successful businesses over the years, but only after helping them drawing up a rock solid business plan.  This article includes words to live by. 

These wise quotes are not mere ideal motivational thoughts, they are words of wisdom that have worked for me and many others. Transforming business ideas into business plans for thriving companies that have outlived generations. 

The Importance of Having A Business Plan

1. “On a silent night  you will design your best business plan.
In the light of the day with laughter and noisy cheer you will celebrate success."

2. “Big things start very small and almost unnoticed."

3. “Staying focused requires rest, refreshment and rejuvenation - That's when inspiration and the best ideas you'll ever have kick in."

Inspiring Ideas

4. "What if..." are the two words that are the genesis of business plan genius”

5. “There is no true end to a good business plan, There is just improved application, greater experience and the rewards of fruition."

6. "Simplicity is the stuff good business planning is made of."

Dealing With Failure and Success

7. "The difference between business success and failure is your attitude when you fail and your humility when you succeed."

8. “When you fail remember this, you didn't actually tank. You just learned to do things differently."

9. "Mans greatest gift is to eat and drink and see good for his hard work."

10. "Life is a powerful force bent on living, so go forth, build your business and live your life."

Keys To Growing A Thriving Business

11. "A business is a living entity. It will be as vibrant, resilient and as healthy as it's owners."

12. "Bigger is not necessarily better. More is not necessarily best, and growth is actually a state of mind and heart. Grow your business by becoming a wiser more grounded person."

13. “Good hearted people will always succeed in business especially when they choose to do good to the right people at the right time for the right reasons."

14. "Set goals you can reach so you can stretch forward and grasp those that were once beyond your reach.

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