Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Blogging Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Several decades ago I began providing financial services via an online articles archive. This resulted in thousands of engagements and referrals during the historic refinance wave of the late nineties and early 2000's.  I must admit. I learned a thing or two. One is this... Wether you're running a for profit business, lead acquisition service or a non-profit organization, getting targeted social engagement is an essential element leading to success. So how do you get the world's attention draw the masses to your door? How do you engage them to the extent desired and then keep them coming back for more? In a few words, write a blog. A social network enabled blog, of course.

Got Blogs Will Travel

Blogging is perhaps the most effective means of social engagement there is. 
The Blogosphere is a society in and of itself. That said, join the blog universe. Why enter? The kind of people you're looking for don't lift a finger unless they feel like it. Feelings run deep. Doing business based on personal choice is all about having a good feeling about what is being done. People read to feel and inspiring meaning feelings lead to meaningful social engagement. While this does not happen overnight it does happen over time. Consider the blogger/reader relationship. You deliver something worthy of their time attention, a relationship developes and in time loyalty is established. Not long after that comes the incentive to interact with you and your company. 

What To Blog?

So what should you blog about? Keep in mind blogging is about sharing real life with a real person. It's about empathy, humor and sharing a common thread from day to day. That said, blog about the charity and the real people being helped by it. Blog about life in general. Blog about community involvement. Blog about the positive impact good solutions have on the lives of those who seek them. 

How do you find real people to read your blog? Post snippets of the blog across all your social network platforms, email them to clients. Submit to blog news portals and build a sizeable article post directory.  As a 12 year blogging veteran, 35 year successful entrepreneur, I know of what I speak. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

10 Vital Steps To Resurrect Your Business From The Dead

So your business has slowed to a creeping crawl? Or perhaps it is gasping for air. I hear you man! I've been there too. If it appears your business has taken it's last breath do not despair. I've successfully revived many businesses over the past decade and can honestly testify, there is life after death.  So how do you resurrect your business from the dead? 

Business Resuscitation

All that is needed to bring your business to life is a little resuscitation. A company revival plan is the key. 
Call your staff together and discuss the matter. Ask questions and record responses. Why are there less hits and more misses? Why are our customers not coming back for more? Why are referrals slowing? What do you think will make the difference?

Examine Internal Issues

Examine the business from the inside out and see if there are any hidden internal glitches that are sending clients and customers the other way.  Do some interdepartmental business process troubleshooting.  Are there internal communications and coordination issues between departments? Go out into the field and work with your team to see what improvements can be made. 
Next focus on Marketing and Sales. What actions or lack thereof failed to generate desired growth in sales and lead acquisition? Why?

Focus On The Competition

Examine closely the growing competition and find out why customers are streaming there. Interview their clients and closely examine competitors customer rating and feedback reports.

If you're still looking for answers it may be time for some enhancements. Look over this amazing and effective list of business revival techniques and choose the items you know will work best for your company. 

10 Business Revival Techniques

1. Improve product, service and brand based on customer feedback.
2. Offer sales incentives your sales team cannot live without
3. Hold a user panel session
4. Improve customer service
5. Improve client and community relations by establishing a PR and marketing program
6. Acquire endorsements
7. Make a demographic targeted commercial
8. Consider branding enhancement consultation 
9. Follow the most effective steps of your most successful competitor
10. Review Your Business Plan More Often

Reviewing Your Business Plan

Review your written business plan on a regular basis and get back to the grassroots of your stated company mission and objective. Note the planned day-to-day business process flow and determine if you have veered off course in some way. Reexamine your written marketing strategy and focus on fulfilling all aspects of the varied stratagems as stated. If you don't have a business plan this may very well be the one sole reason your business needs a jump start.  Take the time to formulate the plan or even better get your hands on your competitors business plan. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Retention, Referrals and Rewards

One vital lesson I've learned in my 35 years of entrepreneurship -Good customer service is the life-blood of any business. The most important consideration of a business is how it will provide excellent customer service that keeps them coming back for more. Not only that. Good customer service promotes numerous benefits that help resuscitate your business, bringing it back from the dead and keep it thriving for generations. Note the following list.

Rewards of Good Customer Service Practices

1. Customer service feedback improves products and services
2. It enables long-term client retention, 
3. Triggers ongoing customer referrals exponentially. 
4. Contributes to good cash flow and revenue. 
5. Makes for job retention and employee satisfaction. 
6. Aids in marketing effectiveness. 
7. Promotes sales growth. 
8. Inspires the practice of good business ethics. 
9. Benefits the overall operation of the company.

The big question is how do you deliver such a service? The answer is not so simple. If it were we would hear it shouted from the housetops, Mentioned in every marketing and sales periodical and taught at business seminars. Yet, in my experience, the answer seems to elude the most most professional business consultants. 

So here it is. How to provide excellent customer service. Simply put, you must have the means and resources to deliver it, and that requires that your business is getting good customer service itself. That said, consider your vendors and other business-to-business constituents. Focus on the quality of products and services being delivered to run your business. How effective are their services to it's smooth operation?

Regarding good customer service ethics consider the following list and compare it to what you're  actually getting in terms of service and how it impacts your ability to give excellent customer service to your clients.

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Ethics:

* Listen to your concerns and provides desired solutions.

* Follow up to assure you are pleased with products and services.

* Make customer service actions generate good results.

* Delivers a good experience that inspires loyalty.

* Always responds and delivers in a timely manner.

* Treats you the way you would want to be treated.

* Doesn't stop giving until you are happy.

The fact is, if you're getting excellent customer service you will likely have the means to deliver excellent customer service to your clients and retain them. Now you can focus on good customer service ethics. Once applied, over time your satisfied clients will do your marketing for you by by way of referring family, associates and business constituents to you each and every time you make them a little bit happier. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

14 WInning Business Plan Quotes

Over a decade ago I began planning for what are now over 5 thriving businesses. Soon after I helped scores of young entrepreneurs start successful businesses over the years, but only after helping them drawing up a rock solid business plan.  This article includes words to live by. 

These wise quotes are not mere ideal motivational thoughts, they are words of wisdom that have worked for me and many others. Transforming business ideas into business plans for thriving companies that have outlived generations. 

The Importance of Having A Business Plan

1. “On a silent night  you will design your best business plan.
In the light of the day with laughter and noisy cheer you will celebrate success."

2. “Big things start very small and almost unnoticed."

3. “Staying focused requires rest, refreshment and rejuvenation - That's when inspiration and the best ideas you'll ever have kick in."

Inspiring Ideas

4. "What if..." are the two words that are the genesis of business plan genius”

5. “There is no true end to a good business plan, There is just improved application, greater experience and the rewards of fruition."

6. "Simplicity is the stuff good business planning is made of."

Dealing With Failure and Success

7. "The difference between business success and failure is your attitude when you fail and your humility when you succeed."

8. “When you fail remember this, you didn't actually tank. You just learned to do things differently."

9. "Mans greatest gift is to eat and drink and see good for his hard work."

10. "Life is a powerful force bent on living, so go forth, build your business and live your life."

Keys To Growing A Thriving Business

11. "A business is a living entity. It will be as vibrant, resilient and as healthy as it's owners."

12. "Bigger is not necessarily better. More is not necessarily best, and growth is actually a state of mind and heart. Grow your business by becoming a wiser more grounded person."

13. “Good hearted people will always succeed in business especially when they choose to do good to the right people at the right time for the right reasons."

14. "Set goals you can reach so you can stretch forward and grasp those that were once beyond your reach.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sage Business Startup Prep List

The Job report records significant employment gains or losses in many sectors. For some time healthcare, retail trade, and restaurants have proved resilient. That said business in these sectors tend to regain footing and thrive.  In addition note the rate of working-age people in the labor force.

All things considered before entering the job market or establishing a more stable business venture focus on sectors that are doing well despite economic challenges. At present healthcare, retail trade, and restaurants appear to be the way to go.

Business that thrive have a long lasting foothold on the market. This is acquired by establishing meaningful relationships with clients and strong bonds with the community.  Many business owners spent considerable time in the job market learning the business from the inside out. That said, how you prepare for business is just as important as planning and startup. Before starting a business consider the following sage advice from this business startup prep tips list.

Sage Business Startup Prep List

1. Determine what businesses are thriving using the job market, investment and labor reports.
2. Submit resumes for hire and secure a temporary job in a thriving business.
3. Spend a year or so learning the business from the inside out.
4. Get familiar with the companies winning marketing strategies.
5. Form meaningful relationships and loyal bonds with company clients, vendors and employees.
6. Take advantage of any free education courses offered.
7. Take business courses to advance in the company.
8. Secure  investment packages with high yields and quick returns.
9. Access the company business plan if available or...
10. Download a winning business plan online.
11. Begin writing your own business plan based on acquired experience, knowledge and connections
12. Use a Business Startup Checklist to begin building your business infrastructure.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

6 Ways To Increasing Business Profits

While customers demand 100% of your businesses and then some, a productive service is willing to go the whole nine yards to win contracts and increase clientele thus impacting the bottom line - profit. Still attempts to increase profits can be both costly and risky. So how do you get around all of that and get your business out of the red and into higher percentage profit margins? Consider these 6 vital profit making methods.

1. Buy Low and Sell higher

Avoid marking prices too high. Customers will only go where prices are lower. Never-the-less consider raising prices during peak sales time.

2. Outsource To Save Money

The more money you save the more you can invest in effective marketing strategies that increase sales and resultant profits.

3. Form Profitable Partnerships

Partner with businesses that target your customer/clientele demographic. Enter a profit sharing agreement to provide services to clients that the partner does not provide.

4. Increased Your Sales Force

Establish a customer/clientele and increase a sales force aimed at targeting that particular demographic.

5. Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Take on social media based platforms to and run ongoing marketing campaigns. These can include blogs, vlogs, discussion board, podcasts, social media networks and more.

6. Establish a Referral Program

Referral programs are a proven way to increase sales with little overhead costs. Simply set up affiliate partnerships with high volume referral agents. The higher the bounty the higher the incentive to find referrals.

Once you have put two or more of these methods in place sales will increase and profits will grow exponentially over time.

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