Friday, January 15, 2016

The Art of Minding Your Own Business

Ever wish people would just mind their own business? Ever wish you were better at minding your own? I've learned over the years that minding my own business and making sure others do the same prevents me from neglecting personal, financial and family responsibilities while increasing productivity.

On the other hand, when I'm preoccupied with what's going on in the lives of others I easily turn into a reality show spectator gratifying myself on the meaningless details of people completely disconnected from my own life. In other words totalling wasting my time, energy and money.

While minding your own business is a practical principle to follow there is an art to minding your business with a view to reaching your goals, fulfilling dreams and living the life you want to live. 

The art of minding your own business is not about deliberately ignoring the needs of others. It is necessary to know to some degree how others are faring and being ready to offer some practical assistance now and then. The art of minding your own business (MYOB) has to do with knowing how far to go while at the same time maintaining productivity, reaching goals and securing that which is needed to lead the quality of life one deserves.

So what is this art of MYOB? Ultimately it's a matter of not venturing outside of your own space in order to find out what's going on in someone else's. Rather the key is to remain in your own space, your own circle and invite others into it. As you access their need you pick and choose how you wish to support them based on the available time and resources you have to spare. After you have rendered assistance consider how they might assist you in some small way. 

A true MYOB artist acts and thinks "give and take". Symbiotic relationships are the most productive relationships there are. This principle of reciprocity is not unlike giving that enables a tax write off. Give what? Most often it's a case of giving something tangible in exchange for helpful information, or a service or favor that can only be rendered by the second party. At other times it's the complete reverse. 

While minding your own business helps you stay focused on priorities, the art of minding your business opens a wide door of mutual support, exchange of knowledge, greater opportunities and for the truly skillful MYOB artisan, increased productivity.

Mark Askew is the founder of Fimark's Winning Business Plans and Writing Tool Kit, offering instant access to an archive of hundreds of winning, proven business plans.