Friday, January 1, 2016

10 New Year Resolution Rhymes That Work

Your business is only as healthy as you are. Good personal health and self-improvement equals a good strong sound business. Looking for practical self-improvement tips for new year resolutions? Check out these meaningful and 10 catchy new year resolution rhymes you soon won't forget.

10 New Year Resolution Rhymes That Work

1. Clean a little more each day and relax a lot more each weekend.

2. Washing the dishes right away makes mice, rats and roaches all go away. 

3. Meditating daily to heal the heart, makes you ready, steady and smart. 

4. Open a separate savings account. Adding $20 per week is paramount. Soon your debt you will surmount.

5. A bag lunch made each day helps to keep sheriffs and  foreclosure away.

6. A short walk daily make the body less whaley.

7. To finish the book tomorrow read a page each day.

8. Plan less time to spend online. 

9. Buy less, save more, see what life has in store.

10. This year I resolve to be less crappy. Gratefulness and humor will make me feel more happy. 

Welcome to the New Year!

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