Thursday, January 28, 2016

How To Choose Business Success And Win

There are many and varied ways to fail in business. There are only a few ways to succeed. Much has to do with how you start and on what foundation you build your business.

Everyone wants to succeed in business. But knowing how to succeed is quite another story. Ultimately it's the choices you make that determine the course your business venture will take. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to choose solid business building materials that succeed and win.


Experience dictates that while creativity breeds fresh ideas and new opportunities, innovation in and of itself is not necessarily enough to survive as a company. The demand for innovation and cost effective and profitable ways of delivering it must be considered.

In House Loyalty

Hiring only family, family friends and friends of friends does not necessarily breed loyalty and empower your business. Often it can breed complacency, lethargy and laziness. Introducing a reward system and competitive influences may on erode interpersonal relationships, tension and sabotage.

Business Ethics

Discovering and sticking to basic principles of good relationships and business building ethics can help keep your operation afloat and promote prosperity from the inside out.

Here are the few quick and easy choices that can turn the table from losses to profits without breaking your back or your purse strings.
1. Choose A Marketable Business Name
2. Choose A Demographically Compatible Location, Venue, Group or Platform
3. Choose The Ideal Product Finders Name
4. Choose a Brilliant, Experienced and Energetic Team of Thinkers and Doers
5. Choose Effective Customer Service Training
6. Choose Quality Product Materials and/or Services
7. Choose Old Fashion Values
8. Choose Latest Marketing and Communication Tools
9. Choose Long-term Relationship Building Methods
10. Choose To Reduce Corporate Takeover Vulnerabilities Via Strict Legal and Good Ethical Methodology That Empowers.

That said, choosing the ultimate advantage in everything you do is what helps businesses succeed and win.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Art of Minding Your Own Business

Ever wish people would just mind their own business? Ever wish you were better at minding your own? I've learned over the years that minding my own business and making sure others do the same prevents me from neglecting personal, financial and family responsibilities while increasing productivity.

On the other hand, when I'm preoccupied with what's going on in the lives of others I easily turn into a reality show spectator gratifying myself on the meaningless details of people completely disconnected from my own life. In other words totalling wasting my time, energy and money.

While minding your own business is a practical principle to follow there is an art to minding your business with a view to reaching your goals, fulfilling dreams and living the life you want to live. 

The art of minding your own business is not about deliberately ignoring the needs of others. It is necessary to know to some degree how others are faring and being ready to offer some practical assistance now and then. The art of minding your own business (MYOB) has to do with knowing how far to go while at the same time maintaining productivity, reaching goals and securing that which is needed to lead the quality of life one deserves.

So what is this art of MYOB? Ultimately it's a matter of not venturing outside of your own space in order to find out what's going on in someone else's. Rather the key is to remain in your own space, your own circle and invite others into it. As you access their need you pick and choose how you wish to support them based on the available time and resources you have to spare. After you have rendered assistance consider how they might assist you in some small way. 

A true MYOB artist acts and thinks "give and take". Symbiotic relationships are the most productive relationships there are. This principle of reciprocity is not unlike giving that enables a tax write off. Give what? Most often it's a case of giving something tangible in exchange for helpful information, or a service or favor that can only be rendered by the second party. At other times it's the complete reverse. 

While minding your own business helps you stay focused on priorities, the art of minding your business opens a wide door of mutual support, exchange of knowledge, greater opportunities and for the truly skillful MYOB artisan, increased productivity.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

If You Were Laid Off This Monday You Would...

"Dreamers dream dreams
Children joke and play
But the wise make plans
to survive another day"

 - - - - - 

What would you do if you were laid off next Monday? Most folks would apply for and collect unemployment, look for a job and settle for the first one that came along to pay most of the bills off. Others would begin personal downsizing by dumping their apartment, moving into a cheaper rooming arrangement with the intent of saving money and starting over again. Many don't have a clue what to do and neglect to plan ahead, allowing things to fall where they may.  These hope life never changes and while away their free time playing computer games and such until... you know the rest of the story.

If you were laid off next Monday what would you do? Would you...

1. Email an interoffice rant filled with all the latest downsizing conspiracy theory gossip or... 
send a "thankful to have worked here" message with a gracious farewell, citing several points of commendation regarding the professionalism of specific administrators.

2. Ask HR to help with employment transition or... 
frantically ask HR "Hey, what did administration do, pull names out of a hat!".

3. Carefully negotiate a fair severance package or... 
grab the reception desk PA mic and sing "I'll Be Seeing You" 

4. Compile a workload transition todo list for remaining staff or... 
mix salt packets in with the sugar packets at the coffee kiosk
or... throw confetti over the partitions shouting "Free at last, free at last", or... sabotage the snack machine and kick over the water cooler while storming out the facility under heavy security escort.

5. Insist on knowing who made the final decision to lay you off so you can tell them "I never liked you either!" or... 
immediately request recommendation letters from administration and referrals from senior staff.

That said, now is the time to carefully think ahead. Consider the following questions: 

  • How would each member of your family be impacted by your reaction to layoff?
  • Do you have enough savings to keep your house or apartment for the next four to six months?
  • What lifestyle changes need to be made to achieve this?
  • How can you reduce your living expenses today?
  • How would the lack of preparation affect your self esteem? 

My Lay Off Story

I faced that situation three times 18 years ago. The first time I was layed off I had no funds to fall back on. Life was rough and my health suffered. Then I found gainful employment. I started doing small favors for senior staff with some of my free time. I also started a small side business. I maintained good relations with everyone in the workplace and even helped some start a second income stream, find adequate housing and achieve higher status in the workplace. I took note of who would serve as ideal referrals and kept contact information in my files. I even worked on an impressive online resume to reveal my full set of skills for in-house self-promotion. As a result I was promoted several times.

 A few years later, unexpectedly, I was laid off again. This time I was ready. I had a well documented referral file, favors that would yield a return when needed. A lot more experience. A well established web business that was bringing in over 3k a month and an impressive online resume. I had so much confidence in my abilities and potential that I aced my interviews and landed a great secular job before exiting the current job. When my second income exceeded my new employment check I negotiated voluntary departure on good terms and have been happily self-employed ever since. 

 Many are so busy working 9-10 hours a day 6 days a week that they forget to plan ahead in this way. Others hope life never changes and some entertain the notion that nothing will ever change. Remember this, life is all about change. We are changing with each passing minute. Life is the business of change. 

 Necessitate Negotiate Navigate

The most important business deal we will ever conduct is that of necessitating, negotiating and navigating the transition of employment. A good business plan is essential. That means having a good survival strategy, growth strategy and, when it comes to being laid off, a good exit strategy. The key to business survival is not to put all your eggs in one basket.  To successfully plan ahead for the inevitable requires doing at the most ideal time, while you are working, free of anxiety and can think straight. Later is too late. Now is the time. So what is your business plan? Do you have an exit strategy in place. Do you have a second income stream? If the answer is no, make this year's resolution to get one. Most important take some time on your next 5 lunch breaks to get it done.

 "Dreamers dream dreams
Children joke and play
But the wise make plans
to survive another day"

- Mark Askew

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quote of the Day

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There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, 
what’s needed is the will to execute them.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

10 New Year Resolution Rhymes That Work

Your business is only as healthy as you are. Good personal health and self-improvement equals a good strong sound business. Looking for practical self-improvement tips for new year resolutions? Check out these meaningful and 10 catchy new year resolution rhymes you soon won't forget.

10 New Year Resolution Rhymes That Work

1. Clean a little more each day and relax a lot more each weekend.

2. Washing the dishes right away makes mice, rats and roaches all go away. 

3. Meditating daily to heal the heart, makes you ready, steady and smart. 

4. Open a separate savings account. Adding $20 per week is paramount. Soon your debt you will surmount.

5. A bag lunch made each day helps to keep sheriffs and  foreclosure away.

6. A short walk daily make the body less whaley.

7. To finish the book tomorrow read a page each day.

8. Plan less time to spend online. 

9. Buy less, save more, see what life has in store.

10. This year I resolve to be less crappy. Gratefulness and humor will make me feel more happy. 

Welcome to the New Year!

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