Thursday, October 20, 2016

How To Make A Very Good Hustle

Need a second income? Everyone does! 
But who has time to find another job? 
A side business may be the answer. 
Everyone's doing it. Why aren't you? 

The key to starting a good Hustle is starting small and growing slowly but surely. Choose a product or service 
that almost everyone you know needs more of. Something 
people need desperately, immediately.

The next step is crucial. Pricing. 
Set your price one notch lower than
your competitors and increase as 
the need and frequency 
of acquisitions increase.

Grow your business. 

At some point buy your competitor out
and corner the market to increase market share.
And that's what we call having
a very good hustle.

Mark Askew is the Author of a newly released guidebook made especially for those who regard themselves as introverts. "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." The book reveals secrets of how the introvert lifestyle helps them fulfill new year resolutions. Much as to do with the reduction of costs and time as well as taking the needed time to reflect, plan and develop formulas and strategize creative solutions to maintaining their lifestyle. It also contains keys to harnessing the power of the introvert mind. In addition, there is an impressive list of famous introverts who have made an impression on history and society as we know it.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Penetrate The Market

Business plan writers spend most of their time putting together a competitive analysis based on current competition that has successfully penetrated the market. They have already done the research and legwork and put that data into hundreds of business plans.

It's amazing how much data you can acquire just by looking at a business plan written for a start-up company whose focus is on getting a piece of the pie from well-established corporate competitors. Such business plans are gold.

So how do you get your hands on such a business plan?
Access not just one but an entire archive of proven market penetration business plans that can give you the edge, funding, growth, and profit you've been striving for.

Direct Sales Marketing

Adult Day Care 

eBook Marketing

Child Day Care

Online Business

Assisted Living

General Home Business



Friday, September 2, 2016

How To Plan And Build A Business The Right Way

Many would-be entrepreneurs don't get their businesses off the ground simply because they have too many unanswered questions regarding starting a business, the business process and virtually no access to step by step guidance.  Many failing businesses owners often say, "if I had the chance to do it again I would be more organized and plan things out more concisely."

Regarding the two scenarios, the solution is clear. What is needed is not just a good business plan, but a business planner. What is a business planner? A business planner, in this context, is not a personal business advisor or consultant. Such services can be costly, and frankly what small business owner has the money to invest thousands of dollars in consultation fees only to have someone give you the information you probably already have access to in the form of a business planning web app or business startup guide and toolkit.

Mark Askew is the Author of a newly released guidebook made especially for those who regard themselves as introverts. "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." The book reveals secrets of how the introvert lifestyle helps them fulfill new year resolutions. Much as to do with the reduction of costs and time as well as taking the needed time to reflect, plan and develop formulas and strategize creative solutions to maintaining their lifestyle. It also contains keys to harnessing the power of the introvert mind. In addition, there is an impressive list of famous introverts who have made an impression on history and society as we know it.

The business planner web app helps you both plan and build your business from the ground up in the following ways:

1.  Write a one-page business plan or download a pre-written business plan with company mission, objectives, and approach.
(Use the business planner web app for the following.)
2.  Writing out the necessary steps to build the actual business.
3.  Calculate the cost of services, licenses, certification and registration, setting up shop, etc.
4.  Consider the cost of a marketing plan including website, memberships, article syndication and PR.
5.  Detail the business process from the time you open the shop to closing. Consider the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly process, as well as seasonal processes.
6.  Now create a more concise and detailed day-to-day business process.
7. Now create a more detailed business plan.
8. Create your financials and executive summary

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Most Promising Candidate Has One Bad Reference?

You've just finished interviewing candidates for a new position in your company. Your most promising new hire candidate has one bad reference. Should you hire him? It's a good question, and here's why. Sometimes a bad reference is nothing more than a bad attitude expressed on a bad day which can color perception and response. It's also interesting that the candidate listed  that particular person as a reference if knowing that it might jeopardize his chances of getting hired.

The reference could be mistaken, confusing one former employee with another or the employee may have been unknowingly subjected to blackmail and is now being blackballed to prevent further hire.

That said, consider looking more closely into the matter. Ask the candidate what it was like working for the company and specify the person referred.

Perhaps the incidents referred to were real and correctly assessed. But was the lack of dependability a purely circumstantial situation? Perhaps a family obligation preventing the employee from availability.  Performance impacting health issues or other handicaps. Most important is to determine whether the contributing factors have changed. This can be easily ascertained if more recent references are favorable.

A tip: Make sure your most favorable candidates understand the business process and marketing strategies. Those who have an appreciation of the business itself are most likely to make it shine. That said, take the time to review your companies business plan. If the company does not have one suggest writing a business plan complete with mission statement, company objectives, and business process. Use the business plan to orient new hires and identify the kind of performance that achieves stated objectives.

Author: Mark Angelo Askew
As a business plan download archivist, Fimark's Winning Business Plans, I have written several clear and detailed business plans for scores of new startups that have maintained substantial profits over the years. Pre-written business plan templates are the smart choice for startups. It allows you to study your competitor, create partner delegations and establish business processes to determine what works best for you and your business partners. The marketing strategies included are the life-blood of your business. In addition, these plans help you get the investor funding required to sustain and grow your business and profits.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Business Plans vs. Business Partner Agreements

When there is a dispute between partners in a business, the most common reason is misunderstanding the business agreement as well as a difference in defining the business process. What is needed to resolve these conflicts when they arise?

 All businesses partners should consult with a business attorney to establish an unbiased objective understanding between partners. His input can help them draw up a business plan and a written general partnership agreement that sites the responsibilities, and profit and loss distribution of each partner.

The business agreement should specify the rules about the general partnership. Having said that it is paramount that a business meeting is scheduled to review and/or create the groundwork for...

1. A Partnership agreement
2. A Business plan

Business Partnership Agreement

Your partnership agreement should provide the answer to following questions.

1. Who are the official partners of the business?

2. What percentage of ownership does each have?

3. Do you have a legal and binding partnership agreement in writing specifying the percentage of company ownership? If you do, good. If not, add it.

4. Is the partnership agreement signed by both parties and notarized?

5. Have you reviewed the agreement and associated financials with all parties concerned at least on a quarterly basis?

6. Specify duties, obligations and responsibilities of each partner going forward. The agreement should include how varied and unforeseen situations are to be handled and how this impacts payout.

Also note that  each partner is equally liable for the debts and obligations of the business, as well as the actions of the other partner(s). All parties are legally bound to fulfilling the agreement.

The partner agreement and the business plan are not the same. The agreement spells out the obligations and responsibilities of each partner, whereas the business plan defines the business itself, its mission and objectives while detailing the process by which the partners will carry this out.

Writing Your Business Plan

Regarding your business plan. Write a detailed plan that spells out  what the business is, it's purposes, reach and brand characteristics, as well as how you will run your business. Include the who, where, when, what, and how of the day to day business process. It should also include financials, a forecast of expenditures, revenue, and profit.  Detail how revenue is to be used, profit substantiation, partner salary, and the payout process. Review this with all partners on a regular basis.

Author: Mark Angelo Askew
As a business plan download archivist, Fimark's Winning Business Plans, I have written several clear and detailed business plans for scores of new startups that have maintained substantial profits over the years. Pre-written business plan templates are the smart choice for startups. It allows you to study your competitor, create partner delegations and establish business processes to determine what works best for you and your business partners. The marketing strategies included are the life-blood of your business. In addition, these plans help you get the investor funding required to sustain and grow your business and profits.

How To Improve Chances For Business Loan Approval

So you think you need a business loan. Business loans can be a bane for your business enabling you to expand your business, start an ongoing marketing campaign, upgrade your IT system, lease an office in a more marketable local, hire more staff and entertain an effective client retention program. For a few vital items to prepare and present when applying for a business loan review the following Business Loan Application Tips.

Business Loan Application Tips

1. Investment Assets Portfolio
2. Moderate to High Credit Score
3. Established Business Growth and Profits Report
4.Concise Business Plan (A written business plan showing how the loan will contribute to business growth and profit, including how the loan will be paid back over time.)
5. Don't act like you need the loan.  Consider it one of many options
6. A well-established business that's turning a profit is what banks are looking for.
7. If you have pre-approved competitive lending options inform the bank of your options.
As a business plan archivist, I have helped hundreds of business owners successfully apply for approved loans and find investment support. Get more info regarding winning pre-written business plan templates here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Grow Revenue and Market Your Business At The Same Time

Marketing your business can be a tedious and high-risk venture especially where cost is concerned. That said, how can you increase revenue and use it to grow your business while improving marketing strategies and promotion all at the same time? To answer this question we'll use an accountants business model and my personal marketing techniques as an example.

Identifying and Targeting Your Audience

First off let's say the accountant needs to draw in potential clients via his social network account and website. First step, target a specific audience.  What we mean by 'specific audience' is targeting people with specific needs beyond basic demographics. For example, new business owners will need information on establishing a day-to-day business process. Most likely these people are seeking to write out a business plan. In order to do this, a business process model will need to be found. Business process models are found in pre-written business plans. That said, the accountant decides to provide content in the form of a free ebook regarding, not accounting, or taxes, or even financial planning, but rather writing up a business plan with a focus on the day-to-day business process that includes good booking and recommending cloud accounting software.

Another group the accountant may choose to target are those trying to write up accurate and comprehensive business financials in a business plan with a view to presenting their business plan to investors or lenders. On his website and his social network pages he offers templates that enable the user to write up financials. He may also offer a how-to ebook on establishing good investor relations and negotiations that seal the deal. This gives him a platform from which to promote accounting services.

Diversify Your Offerings

The accountant may recommend a business plan archive that will draw people who need to learn about the business process, financials, and bookkeeping. That said, he sells business plan templates. For each business plan he referral, he acquires a lead in terms of identifying information about the buyer, such as his or her name, address, email, and phone number. In addition, the referral fee increases revenue, some of which is used for further marketing ventures such as an ad campaign.

Cloud Remarketing Retargeting Advertising

Rather than cold calling the buyer to pitch his services he may choose to invest some of his sales dollars into cloud-based remarketing or retargeting ads that promote his services. Cloud-based ads that follow the user wherever he goes online.

Blogging Still Most Effective Marketing Strategy

From another marketing perspective... If you write a weekly blog regarding the business process, understanding financials in business plans, bookkeeping tips, and tax issues, you may be able to engage the reader to the point of asking questions in the comments section of your post.

Writing and Selling How-To Book

Writing how-to books are the ideal way to draw in potential clients and it's not as difficult as it might seem.  If you post an article to your blog each week you will have ample content for writing a how-to book in just six months or less. Writing and selling a book focused on your expertise gives you, your service and website greater credibility and distinction.

Write a book about the business process from a business accountants perspective. Discuss do's and don'ts, good bookkeeping tips and common questions asked on your blog. Include the value of cloud accounting in the book. Self-publish the book online as well as at  There are helpful self-publishing business plans available that can help guide you through the process. Book buyers and inquirers are potential accounting clients. Hold book signings at libraries and business expos. More potential clients. Sell the book on your blog and website.

Webinars and Seminars

The accountant might consider holding webinars or in-person seminars that focus on reducing paperwork and filing, reducing business spending, expanding portfolios, streamlining interoffice reporting and communication issues as well as the value of live data alerts, a cloud accounting feature. These webinars and seminars will also provide content for your blogs and books which will, in turn, grow leads and clients exponentially.

Smart Website Design Features

Regarding website design. A viewer should see your credentials and feel impressed to take action within a 10-second glance of your website. Don't underestimate the value of an appealing website that quickly answers their questions about who you are, the quality of service you deliver and your aim to please. This is their call to action and makes people more engaging.  That said, take a look at the following pages:

Follow the link and page down to "Website Copy" to check out Alexis Kimbrough’s site at Growth Group. For a more economical web hosting product notice similar web design features offered by MyEvents As you follow these tips and methods you will be able to grow revenue while marketing your business at the same time.

Author: Mark Askew 
Mark is the owners of Fimark's Winning Business Plans and Business Plan Writer. Access hundreds of business plans and business plan writing templates. Looking for a business plan complete with business process, financials and marketing strategies? Visit the business plan archive for instant downloads.

How To Acquire Leads Clients and Customers

Trying to promote your service or sell your brand online includes a bit more than establishing a website. While your business may offer a specific service or product worthy of attention, you need to reach out to your audience so they can reach out to you. The big question is, how?

"The More You Give The More You'll Get"

Give them something worth getting. Everyone needs help with better financial planning, tax filing, and accounting. I suggest you do what folks are doing here MosaicHub, answer questions and give tips according to your  expertise. Sign up to about 5 similar discussion boards, Q&A's and article syndication networks and use these channels to created content that can be partially posted to your weekly blog.

Topics For Discussion

Use the questions on MosaicHub to determine topics worthy of addressing. Discuss matters that the average joe knows nothing or little about that will help them better manage their financial affairs. Give tax, accounting and file organization tips. Write about the positive experiences of your clients and help individuals learn from the less positive ones.

Finding and Targeting Your Audience

Regarding blogging and writing syndicated news articles, target families entering a new life transition, including the following:
1. Newlyweds
2. Newly engaged
3. First -time parents
4. Children entering college
5. Students graduating
6. Those starting a business.

Center your articles around these new life changes and help them think in terms of better financial planning, personal life changes as well as good time and money management issues.

Using Social Networks To Get The Word Out

Post snippets and links to your blog posts and news articles on your Google Plus, Facebook and twitter pages as well as on your website.

Contacting Potential Clients, Leads, and Customers

Once you've built up a following on Google, Twitter and Facebook send out personal messages to your followers such as congrats to newlyweds, newly engaged, first -time parents, children entering college, students graduating and those starting a business. Leave one tip or one wise quote regarding self-improvement with contact info in your signature line.

Message tip: Make people feel respected and highly regarded. freely commend others for their effort, be very polite, honorable, and considerate and always say thank you when appropriate.

Article writing tip: Be enthusiastic, factual, pleasantly funny and ridiculously honest about yourself.

Be the expert, counselor, sage and purveyor of better things to come. In time folks will literally be knocking down your door for help.

Get more business marketing tips when you download Fimark's Winning Business Plans here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Obama's two-term 44th Presidency

The historic 8-year term of the 44th president of the United States is about to come to an end. What has Obama learned from his two-term presidential success and what can entrepreneurs learn to better grow our communities, local, national and world economy as well as personal wealth?

It all starts with a plan. Start developing your master business plan and start contributing to economic growth in your community. 

1. Establish a practical service and/or product you wish to offer and innovative ways the business will serve the developmental issues of your community.
2. Consider the company name, brand and legal entity from which to structure your business.
3. Determine the initial cost of building your business
4. Get guidance from experienced entrepreneurs in the industry.
5. To accomplish the above write a complete master business plan using a prewritten business plan to serve as a template to develop your ideas, branding, methods of achieving economic growth and marketing strategies.

Need some help writing your business plan? Download a prewritten business plan.  Start here

Monday, July 4, 2016

Optimizing Your Website For Effective Internet Marketing

So you finally have a website with the promise that it will help you promote your business and improve effective marketing. This does not come automatically. The key is to know how to use it to connect to millions of users who value who you are, what you do and the product or service you offer. So how do you get this done? Basically, all the steps involved in achieving good page rank by way of Google and Alexa have much to do with it.

First off, understand that achieving good ranking takes time and work. The following steps will both establish and increase page rank while also improving your marketing strategy.

1. Connect your website to several social networks and remain active responding to comments, likes and setting up webinars.
2. Connect your page to your blog.
3. Maintain a weekly blog post.
4. Connect your web pages to an interactive app.
5. Set up a discussion board on your site and keep it active.
6. Write articles linked to your websites pages and post them across several news syndicates.

Over time you will see traffic, hits and reach grow exponentially.  In time your page rank will as well. 

- - - - - - -
Download the 99 Marketing Methods Business Promotion and Sales Strategies business plan for a more detailed business marketing strategy.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best Time To Start A Business

Perhaps the most asked question of potential business owners is... 
When is the best time to start a business?

While many focus on getting adequate education including bachelors and masters degrees consider this...

Many successful entrepreneurs cannot boast of having a degree. Yet these are business savvy as a result of family training and personal hands-on experience. Still business and time management courses are essential. Having said that, the best time to start a business is when you have established three basic springboards and enjoy a significant degree of leverage. This should include the following:
1. Experience running a similar operation from the management level down.

2. ability to assemble a well groomed, motivated, and experienced team of players for all aspects of the business process.
3. Established, meaningful and trusting relationships with the kind of people in the industry who will back and support your business once established.
4. Good personal life choices that will help you better manage your time and leverage finance needs include the following:
1, Manageable size of household
2. Adequate current income,
3. Good financial standing
4. Availability of seed money
5. No parental care provider issues
6. Manageable household and personal health care issues
7. Well established investor relationships
8. Strong robust market
9. Basic understanding of good booking and money management
Once these basic ducks are in a row you're closer to the ideal time to start a business.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
SMART BUSINESS PLANNING TIP: Get your hands on competitive business plans that detail business startup, management, and marketing strategies step by step. Instant download here.

Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Access Cheap Market Research Data

Accessing marketing research data can be a real pain on the brain. Not to mention burn a whole in the wallet. Market research data is expensive. So how can you find it on the cheap?

Public Stock Press Releases
You'll find valuable market research data in your competitor's own written business plan. Accessing such data is not as hard as it might seem. If your competitor offers public stock, examine corporate investor reports, company newsletters, company press releases and business magazine articles as well as latest online company announcements that may impact the market, company financials, and stock prices.

Comparative Competitive Studies
While public press released can provide enormous amounts of marketing research info regarding companies looking to advance tend to focus on projections whereas providing information regarding current market conditions is limited. That said locate business plans of companies in competition with one another. Often these business plans compare competitors ability to penetrate the market, while examining strategies and outcomes.

Online Business Plan Archives
The best place to find business plans containing market research data is via online business plan archives. These are run and maintained by commercial, education, and government agencies. The least expensive approach are via government agencies providing free business plan archives those interested in starting a small business. The drawback here is that much of that data is dated. (No pun intended.)

Business plan archiving is the number one source of affordable market research data. Find competitive business plans here.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Morning Person vs Midday Person

So a client asked me if they could still succeed in business despite the fact that they are not a morning person.
I said, "Good question." And then the muse began. 

You're Not A Morning Person If...

  1. You wait for the sun to rise before dragging yourself out of bed.
  2. You mutter the words "morning" to your spouse when getting out of bed, "hello" to the kids at the breakfast table and "have a good day" when stumbling off to work.
  3. You spill your coffee on the way to the car while letting go of some rather choice expletives.
  4. You have to drink a full cup of coffee before you are able to manually insert the ignition key and start the car
  5. You're still half asleep when arriving at work
  6. You still have morning voice at 9am
  7. You still have bags under your eyes at 11:00am
  8. You don't say good morning to passersby until after 12:00pm

Regarding Midday People.
I am well acquainted with presidents of large reputable companies who are obviously not morning people as they often arrive at the office later in the day commuting straight from home. They come in bright eyed and bushy tailed as if they arrived first thing in the morning and then get right to work until late into the evening. It would appear they are able to accomplish their daily objectives with little or no set backs. So from their own perspective being a morning person or lack thereof seems to be of little consequence. 

Regarding Morning People
While suffering few setbacks as midday people there is a flipside to this matter. Many colleagues and constituents of midday people are in fact morning people, and avidly so. That said, if you're trying to get things accomplished within the circle of morning people, being such yourself is bound to be more advantageous on so many levels. Taking that morning call or getting that call through before the workday begins can help offset anticipated obstacles and give your company an advance running start advantage over your langering midday competitors.  

Conclusion of the Matter
Morning or midday, the most important advantage is having a rock solid routine and a daily game plan with the means to fulfill all objectives effectively no matter what kind of person you are. Successful entrepreneurs, thriving companies and major corporations are expertly run using a well thought out business plan that fits the lifestyle, routine and goals of its owners. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Blogging Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Several decades ago I began providing financial services via an online articles archive. This resulted in thousands of engagements and referrals during the historic refinance wave of the late nineties and early 2000's.  I must admit. I learned a thing or two. One is this... Wether you're running a for profit business, lead acquisition service or a non-profit organization, getting targeted social engagement is an essential element leading to success. So how do you get the world's attention draw the masses to your door? How do you engage them to the extent desired and then keep them coming back for more? In a few words, write a blog. A social network enabled blog, of course.

Got Blogs Will Travel

Blogging is perhaps the most effective means of social engagement there is. 
The Blogosphere is a society in and of itself. That said, join the blog universe. Why enter? The kind of people you're looking for don't lift a finger unless they feel like it. Feelings run deep. Doing business based on personal choice is all about having a good feeling about what is being done. People read to feel and inspiring meaning feelings lead to meaningful social engagement. While this does not happen overnight it does happen over time. Consider the blogger/reader relationship. You deliver something worthy of their time attention, a relationship developes and in time loyalty is established. Not long after that comes the incentive to interact with you and your company. 

What To Blog?

So what should you blog about? Keep in mind blogging is about sharing real life with a real person. It's about empathy, humor and sharing a common thread from day to day. That said, blog about the charity and the real people being helped by it. Blog about life in general. Blog about community involvement. Blog about the positive impact good solutions have on the lives of those who seek them. 

How do you find real people to read your blog? Post snippets of the blog across all your social network platforms, email them to clients. Submit to blog news portals and build a sizeable article post directory.  As a 12 year blogging veteran, 35 year successful entrepreneur, I know of what I speak. 

Blogging is such an essential element to promoting what you do and sell you'll find it listed among the top methods of successful marketing strategies in Fimark's winning business plans archives. Download your business plan complete with up-to-date marketing strategies here.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

10 Vital Steps To Resurrect Your Business From The Dead

So your business has slowed to a creeping crawl? Or perhaps it is gasping for air. I hear you man! I've been there too. If it appears your business has taken it's last breath do not despair. I've successfully revived many businesses over the past decade and can honestly testify, there is life after death.  So how do you resurrect your business from the dead? 

Business Resuscitation

All that is needed to bring your business to life is a little resuscitation. A company revival plan is the key. 
Call your staff together and discuss the matter. Ask questions and record responses. Why are there less hits and more misses? Why are our customers not coming back for more? Why are referrals slowing? What do you think will make the difference?

Examine Internal Issues

Examine the business from the inside out and see if there are any hidden internal glitches that are sending clients and customers the other way.  Do some interdepartmental business process troubleshooting.  Are there internal communications and coordination issues between departments? Go out into the field and work with your team to see what improvements can be made. 
Next focus on Marketing and Sales. What actions or lack thereof failed to generate desired growth in sales and lead acquisition? Why?

Focus On The Competition

Examine closely the growing competition and find out why customers are streaming there. Interview their clients and closely examine competitors customer rating and feedback reports.

If you're still looking for answers it may be time for some enhancements. Look over this amazing and effective list of business revival techniques and choose the items you know will work best for your company. 

10 Business Revival Techniques

1. Improve product, service and brand based on customer feedback.
2. Offer sales incentives your sales team cannot live without
3. Hold a user panel session
4. Improve customer service
5. Improve client and community relations by establishing a PR and marketing program
6. Acquire endorsements
7. Make a demographic targeted commercial
8. Consider branding enhancement consultation 
9. Follow the most effective steps of your most successful competitor
10. Review Your Business Plan More Often

Reviewing Your Business Plan

Review your written business plan on a regular basis and get back to the grassroots of your stated company mission and objective. Note the planned day-to-day business process flow and determine if you have veered off course in some way. Reexamine your written marketing strategy and focus on fulfilling all aspects of the varied stratagems as stated. If you don't have a business plan this may very well be the one sole reason your business needs a jump start.  Take the time to formulate the plan or even better get your hands on your competitors business plan. 

Fimark's Winning Business Plan archive has scores of plans that have been acquired from today's most successful companies. Access some of the most inspiring missions and useful objectives, effective business process flow plans and marketing strategies that have made these companies thrive for decades. Download a copy here

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Retention, Referrals and Rewards

One vital lesson I've learned in my 35 years of entrepreneurship -Good customer service is the life-blood of any business. The most important consideration of a business is how it will provide excellent customer service that keeps them coming back for more. Not only that. Good customer service promotes numerous benefits that help resuscitate your business, bringing it back from the dead and keep it thriving for generations. Note the following list.

Rewards of Good Customer Service Practices

1. Customer service feedback improves products and services
2. It enables long-term client retention, 
3. Triggers ongoing customer referrals exponentially. 
4. Contributes to good cash flow and revenue. 
5. Makes for job retention and employee satisfaction. 
6. Aids in marketing effectiveness. 
7. Promotes sales growth. 
8. Inspires the practice of good business ethics. 
9. Benefits the overall operation of the company.

The big question is how do you deliver such a service? The answer is not so simple. If it were we would hear it shouted from the housetops, Mentioned in every marketing and sales periodical and taught at business seminars. Yet, in my experience, the answer seems to elude the most most professional business consultants. 

So here it is. How to provide excellent customer service. Simply put, you must have the means and resources to deliver it, and that requires that your business is getting good customer service itself. That said, consider your vendors and other business-to-business constituents. Focus on the quality of products and services being delivered to run your business. How effective are their services to it's smooth operation?

Regarding good customer service ethics consider the following list and compare it to what you're  actually getting in terms of service and how it impacts your ability to give excellent customer service to your clients.

6 Keys To Good Customer Service Ethics:

* Listen to your concerns and provides desired solutions.

* Follow up to assure you are pleased with products and services.

* Make customer service actions generate good results.

* Delivers a good experience that inspires loyalty.

* Always responds and delivers in a timely manner.

* Treats you the way you would want to be treated.

* Doesn't stop giving until you are happy.

The fact is, if you're getting excellent customer service you will likely have the means to deliver excellent customer service to your clients and retain them. Now you can focus on good customer service ethics. Once applied, over time your satisfied clients will do your marketing for you by by way of referring family, associates and business constituents to you each and every time you make them a little bit happier. 

Got an effective and winning business plan that delivers excellent marketing strategies and business process, effective sales and services techniques? Every growing business needs it. Fimark's Winning Business Plans get your business up and running outlining how to penetrate the market, establish smooth day-to-day business process flow, effective customer acquisition, sales and services. Download your copy here.

Monday, May 23, 2016

14 WInning Business Plan Quotes

Over a decade ago I began planning for what are now over 5 thriving businesses. Soon after I helped scores of young entrepreneurs start successful businesses over the years, but only after helping them drawing up a rock solid business plan.  This article includes words to live by. 

These wise quotes are not mere ideal motivational thoughts, they are words of wisdom that have worked for me and many others. Transforming business ideas into business plans for thriving companies that have outlived generations. 

The Importance of Having A Business Plan

1. “On a silent night  you will design your best business plan.
In the light of the day with laughter and noisy cheer you will celebrate success."

2. “Big things start very small and almost unnoticed."

3. “Staying focused requires rest, refreshment and rejuvenation - That's when inspiration and the best ideas you'll ever have kick in."

Inspiring Ideas

4. "What if..." are the two words that are the genesis of business plan genius”

5. “There is no true end to a good business plan, There is just improved application, greater experience and the rewards of fruition."

6. "Simplicity is the stuff good business planning is made of."

Dealing With Failure and Success

7. "The difference between business success and failure is your attitude when you fail and your humility when you succeed."

8. “When you fail remember this, you didn't actually tank. You just learned to do things differently."

9. "Mans greatest gift is to eat and drink and see good for his hard work."

10. "Life is a powerful force bent on living, so go forth, build your business and live your life."

Keys To Growing A Thriving Business

11. "A business is a living entity. It will be as vibrant, resilient and as healthy as it's owners."

12. "Bigger is not necessarily better. More is not necessarily best, and growth is actually a state of mind and heart. Grow your business by becoming a wiser more grounded person."

13. “Good hearted people will always succeed in business especially when they choose to do good to the right people at the right time for the right reasons."

14. "Set goals you can reach so you can stretch forward and grasp those that were once beyond your reach.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sage Business Startup Prep List

The Job report records significant employment gains or losses in many sectors. For some time healthcare, retail trade, and restaurants have proved resilient. That said business in these sectors tend to regain footing and thrive.  In addition note the rate of working-age people in the labor force.

All things considered before entering the job market or establishing a more stable business venture focus on sectors that are doing well despite economic challenges. At present healthcare, retail trade, and restaurants appear to be the way to go.

Business that thrive have a long lasting foothold on the market. This is acquired by establishing meaningful relationships with clients and strong bonds with the community.  Many business owners spent considerable time in the job market learning the business from the inside out. That said, how you prepare for business is just as important as planning and startup. Before starting a business consider the following sage advice from this business startup prep tips list.

Sage Business Startup Prep List

1. Determine what businesses are thriving using the job market, investment and labor reports.
2. Submit resumes for hire and secure a temporary job in a thriving business.
3. Spend a year or so learning the business from the inside out.
4. Get familiar with the companies winning marketing strategies.
5. Form meaningful relationships and loyal bonds with company clients, vendors and employees.
6. Take advantage of any free education courses offered.
7. Take business courses to advance in the company.
8. Secure  investment packages with high yields and quick returns.
9. Access the company business plan if available or...
10. Download a winning business plan online.
11. Begin writing your own business plan based on acquired experience, knowledge and connections
12. Use a Business Startup Checklist to begin building your business infrastructure.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

6 Ways To Increasing Business Profits

While customers demand 100% of your businesses and then some, a productive service is willing to go the whole nine yards to win contracts and increase clientele thus impacting the bottom line - profit. Still attempts to increase profits can be both costly and risky. So how do you get around all of that and get your business out of the red and into higher percentage profit margins? Consider these 6 vital profit making methods.

1. Buy Low and Sell higher

Avoid marking prices too high. Customers will only go where prices are lower. Never-the-less consider raising prices during peak sales time.

2. Outsource To Save Money

The more money you save the more you can invest in effective marketing strategies that increase sales and resultant profits.

3. Form Profitable Partnerships

Partner with businesses that target your customer/clientele demographic. Enter a profit sharing agreement to provide services to clients that the partner does not provide.

4. Increased Your Sales Force

Establish a customer/clientele and increase a sales force aimed at targeting that particular demographic.

5. Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Take on social media based platforms to and run ongoing marketing campaigns. These can include blogs, vlogs, discussion board, podcasts, social media networks and more.

6. Establish a Referral Program

Referral programs are a proven way to increase sales with little overhead costs. Simply set up affiliate partnerships with high volume referral agents. The higher the bounty the higher the incentive to find referrals.

Once you have put two or more of these methods in place sales will increase and profits will grow exponentially over time.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

How To Choose Business Success And Win

There are many and varied ways to fail in business. There are only a few ways to succeed. Much has to do with how you start and on what foundation you build your business.

Everyone wants to succeed in business. But knowing how to succeed is quite another story. Ultimately it's the choices you make that determine the course your business venture will take. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to choose solid business building materials that succeed and win.


Experience dictates that while creativity breeds fresh ideas and new opportunities, innovation in and of itself is not necessarily enough to survive as a company. The demand for innovation and cost effective and profitable ways of delivering it must be considered.

In House Loyalty

Hiring only family, family friends and friends of friends does not necessarily breed loyalty and empower your business. Often it can breed complacency, lethargy and laziness. Introducing a reward system and competitive influences may on erode interpersonal relationships, tension and sabotage.

Business Ethics

Discovering and sticking to basic principles of good relationships and business building ethics can help keep your operation afloat and promote prosperity from the inside out.

Here are the few quick and easy choices that can turn the table from losses to profits without breaking your back or your purse strings.
1. Choose A Marketable Business Name
2. Choose A Demographically Compatible Location, Venue, Group or Platform
3. Choose The Ideal Product Finders Name
4. Choose a Brilliant, Experienced and Energetic Team of Thinkers and Doers
5. Choose Effective Customer Service Training
6. Choose Quality Product Materials and/or Services
7. Choose Old Fashion Values
8. Choose Latest Marketing and Communication Tools
9. Choose Long-term Relationship Building Methods
10. Choose To Reduce Corporate Takeover Vulnerabilities Via Strict Legal and Good Ethical Methodology That Empowers.

That said, choosing the ultimate advantage in everything you do is what helps businesses succeed and win.

- - - - - - -

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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Art of Minding Your Own Business

Ever wish people would just mind their own business? Ever wish you were better at minding your own? I've learned over the years that minding my own business and making sure others do the same prevents me from neglecting personal, financial and family responsibilities while increasing productivity.

On the other hand, when I'm preoccupied with what's going on in the lives of others I easily turn into a reality show spectator gratifying myself on the meaningless details of people completely disconnected from my own life. In other words totalling wasting my time, energy and money.

While minding your own business is a practical principle to follow there is an art to minding your business with a view to reaching your goals, fulfilling dreams and living the life you want to live. 

The art of minding your own business is not about deliberately ignoring the needs of others. It is necessary to know to some degree how others are faring and being ready to offer some practical assistance now and then. The art of minding your own business (MYOB) has to do with knowing how far to go while at the same time maintaining productivity, reaching goals and securing that which is needed to lead the quality of life one deserves.

So what is this art of MYOB? Ultimately it's a matter of not venturing outside of your own space in order to find out what's going on in someone else's. Rather the key is to remain in your own space, your own circle and invite others into it. As you access their need you pick and choose how you wish to support them based on the available time and resources you have to spare. After you have rendered assistance consider how they might assist you in some small way. 

A true MYOB artist acts and thinks "give and take". Symbiotic relationships are the most productive relationships there are. This principle of reciprocity is not unlike giving that enables a tax write off. Give what? Most often it's a case of giving something tangible in exchange for helpful information, or a service or favor that can only be rendered by the second party. At other times it's the complete reverse. 

While minding your own business helps you stay focused on priorities, the art of minding your business opens a wide door of mutual support, exchange of knowledge, greater opportunities and for the truly skillful MYOB artisan, increased productivity.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

If You Were Laid Off This Monday You Would...

"Dreamers dream dreams
Children joke and play
But the wise make plans
to survive another day"

 - - - - - 

What would you do if you were laid off next Monday? Most folks would apply for and collect unemployment, look for a job and settle for the first one that came along to pay most of the bills off. Others would begin personal downsizing by dumping their apartment, moving into a cheaper rooming arrangement with the intent of saving money and starting over again. Many don't have a clue what to do and neglect to plan ahead, allowing things to fall where they may.  These hope life never changes and while away their free time playing computer games and such until... you know the rest of the story.

If you were laid off next Monday what would you do? Would you...

1. Email an interoffice rant filled with all the latest downsizing conspiracy theory gossip or... 
send a "thankful to have worked here" message with a gracious farewell, citing several points of commendation regarding the professionalism of specific administrators.

2. Ask HR to help with employment transition or... 
frantically ask HR "Hey, what did administration do, pull names out of a hat!".

3. Carefully negotiate a fair severance package or... 
grab the reception desk PA mic and sing "I'll Be Seeing You" 

4. Compile a workload transition todo list for remaining staff or... 
mix salt packets in with the sugar packets at the coffee kiosk
or... throw confetti over the partitions shouting "Free at last, free at last", or... sabotage the snack machine and kick over the water cooler while storming out the facility under heavy security escort.

5. Insist on knowing who made the final decision to lay you off so you can tell them "I never liked you either!" or... 
immediately request recommendation letters from administration and referrals from senior staff.

That said, now is the time to carefully think ahead. Consider the following questions: 

  • How would each member of your family be impacted by your reaction to layoff?
  • Do you have enough savings to keep your house or apartment for the next four to six months?
  • What lifestyle changes need to be made to achieve this?
  • How can you reduce your living expenses today?
  • How would the lack of preparation affect your self esteem? 

My Lay Off Story

I faced that situation three times 18 years ago. The first time I was layed off I had no funds to fall back on. Life was rough and my health suffered. Then I found gainful employment. I started doing small favors for senior staff with some of my free time. I also started a small side business. I maintained good relations with everyone in the workplace and even helped some start a second income stream, find adequate housing and achieve higher status in the workplace. I took note of who would serve as ideal referrals and kept contact information in my files. I even worked on an impressive online resume to reveal my full set of skills for in-house self-promotion. As a result I was promoted several times.

 A few years later, unexpectedly, I was laid off again. This time I was ready. I had a well documented referral file, favors that would yield a return when needed. A lot more experience. A well established web business that was bringing in over 3k a month and an impressive online resume. I had so much confidence in my abilities and potential that I aced my interviews and landed a great secular job before exiting the current job. When my second income exceeded my new employment check I negotiated voluntary departure on good terms and have been happily self-employed ever since. 

 Many are so busy working 9-10 hours a day 6 days a week that they forget to plan ahead in this way. Others hope life never changes and some entertain the notion that nothing will ever change. Remember this, life is all about change. We are changing with each passing minute. Life is the business of change. 

 Necessitate Negotiate Navigate

The most important business deal we will ever conduct is that of necessitating, negotiating and navigating the transition of employment. A good business plan is essential. That means having a good survival strategy, growth strategy and, when it comes to being laid off, a good exit strategy. The key to business survival is not to put all your eggs in one basket.  To successfully plan ahead for the inevitable requires doing at the most ideal time, while you are working, free of anxiety and can think straight. Later is too late. Now is the time. So what is your business plan? Do you have an exit strategy in place. Do you have a second income stream? If the answer is no, make this year's resolution to get one. Most important take some time on your next 5 lunch breaks to get it done.

 "Dreamers dream dreams
Children joke and play
But the wise make plans
to survive another day"

- Mark Askew

Mark Askew is Founder of Fimark Home Online and Fimark's Winning Business Plans.  - - - - -

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