Friday, December 25, 2015

New Year Resolution: Build A Second Income Stream

New Year Resolution:
"Opportunities don't just happen. This year I will make them happen."

Looking for a great business opportunity? If you're waiting for one to come along better grab a chair, it'll take a while.  What about those prepackaged home business opportunities? If you're like me you've tried building a second income that way and found them all to be a pure waste of time. Don't even bother with those online offers to make money reading articles or writing for message boards. And completely put out of your mind those so-called pay-per-survey offers. Pure drudgery with bottlenecked pages and mentally confusing incentive offers which are just camouflaged sweepstakes that either don't actually pay a dime or pay only a few cents per form. This new year it's time to get serious and stop wasting your precious time. How?

Establish a real second income stream business and grow it over time using pre-written business plans that have already been used to establish successful businesses.

Most individuals consult business plans when they're trying to bring a business idea into fruition and visualize it in clearer view. Once you establish a frame of reference for starting up, organizing and managing your business you're only a few steps away from making a real reliable income stream. 

The initial step is determining the extent you can go with organizing, financing and managing a business operation. For example, do you have the time and resources to craft or manufacture products? How many people will you need to employ vs. the number of people can you employ? What legal aid can you afford? Should you hire an accountant or do the accounting yourself initially? Bricks and mortar or web-based? How do you decide which approach is best? 

The solution: Consider starting a small income generating project on the side using a business plan specifically written for growth and expansion over time. Start slow, sure and simple while studying the business growth plan regularly.

Look at your savings account balance. Can you invest about $300 - $500 in the business at this time? If so, good. Working capital is essential to steady growth. So where should you put your money first? 

As you gradually grow the business you are also growing your income stream exponentially. Invest in the basics. Keep overhead costs low and finances manageable. Example: Let's say you want to start an adult or child daycare service. Start with a few clients and designate a part of your home as the day care facility rather than leasing a large facility. Want to start a consulting service? Put a home office with private entrance in the finished basement. Perhaps you want to start a mechanics shop. Use your double garage or rent out a garage on a busy business district. Maybe you want to sell products online. Build a website, and promote the site using simple organic search engine marketing methods. As the business grows so will the income stream. At that time invest in a more sophisticated marketing plan. Business plans are designed to help you do just that.

Your first step toward successfully establishing and growing a second income stream is selecting and downloading the business plan that best represents the kind of products or services you will offer.  These plans show how to market and promote the products and services associated with it. Effective marketing and quality service will help grow your business and income stream over time. Closely examine business plans from the following list below to get started.

Internet Based Business Plans
Homebased Business Plans
Direct Market Sales Business Plan
Catalog Sales Business Plan
Etsy Sales Business Plan Associate Business Plan Book Publishing Business Plan 
Zazzle Associate Business Plan 
Cafe Press Sales Business PlanOnline Shoes Sales Business Plan
Online Greeting Card Sales Business Plan
Online Software Sales Business Plan
Digital Music Sales Business Plan
Online Flyer Sales Business Plan
Online Printables Business Plan
Online eBook Sales Business Plan
Children’s Book Sales Business Plan
Home Party Business Plan
Book Authoring/Publishing Business Plan 
Freelance Writing Publishing and Sales Business Plan
Direct Sales Business Plan
Cake Decorating Sales Business Plan 
Avon Rep Business Plan 
Gift Card Business Plan
Freelance Graphics Design Business Plan

Recording Artist Self Publishing Business Plan
Event Planner Business Plan 
Party Planner Business Plan