Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fulfilling New Year Business Resolutions Progressively

Interview with Mark Askew, entrepreneur, business consultant and master business coach at MosaicHub.com.

First Question: What new years resolutions were directly related to helping you get your business up and running.
"My very first new years resolution was to write a business plan. I did.
The following year my second resolution was to start a business online. I did
My third was to diversify income streams. I did
My fourth was to enter the business startup consulting market. I did
My fifth was to learn to develop business plan writing software.
My sixth was to develop a business plan archives featuring the assisted living, senior centers, adult and child daycare and preschool industry.
My seventh was to add business plans for small work-from-home businesses."

What helped you fulfill those new year's business resolutions?
"I think a person should not only make resolutions but also coin a catchy phrase that will keep the goal in focus. That said, articles like Inspiring Quotes From Top CEO's or Celebrity and Entrepreneur New Year Resolution Quotes athttp://www.smallbusinesssuccesstips.net/2015/12/celebrity-and-entreprene... can provide the motivation you need to stay focused on new year resolutions."

Is that all that's needed, catchy phrases and inspiration?
"No, setting goals, making resolutions, and getting inspiration are not enough. The bottom line is you need to consistently follow through weekly, monthly and yearly to progressively bring each goal to fruition. That said, get your hands on a progressive business plan. Progressive business plans help you reach realistic goals one step at a time gradually but sure at a pace you can live with. That's why I wrote the book "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." It guides the reader through the entire stage of business conceptualizing. planning, registration, and marketing with the goal of cost reduction and profit making."

Start the new year right. Be progressive. Fulfill your business goals one step at a time.
Looking for a winning low overhead business plan that steps you through the business startup process? Get Mark's book "The Introvert's Guide - How To Start A Successful Business." and start fulfilling your New Year resolution today.