Friday, November 6, 2015

The DNA Code For Home Business Success

Every living organism follows a specific instinctive and learned process for the survival of it's species. Think about it. Housed in our DNA lies a built in written plan that provides the instinct to build a habitat, copulate and multiply. That DNA contains a written recipe for breast formula specifically engineered to provide much needed nutrients specific to good health and growth. More remarkable is the innate aptitude to proliferate, expand the domain and penetrate other territory while fending off predators and protecting the lair.

So what does all this teach us about the life of a home business? What we have actually considered is that our DNA code is the formula for business survival and success. Let's recap what we've learned.

Organic Formula For Survival of a Species

Seek or Build Habitat  + Partner with Healthy Mate  + Regularly Feed From Pasture + Copulate Proliferate + Engage Young In Survival Training + Expand and Protect Domain = Survival

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

The fact is business is not only a way of life, but it is much like a living organism in and of itself. It needs what we need to survive and thrive. Following age old built in instincts of survival and growth reveals the formula of business sustainability.  Having extracted the 7 methods of biological survival we have the basic formula for home business success:

Formula For Home Business Survival and Success

We have learned over the past several decades that natures course, not the corporate path, is the key to survival of all species on earth. For that reason many have chosen to go organic. These same principles are necessary to sustain the life of a household. Studying the biological path to survival has yielded many formerly unknown, untapped sage lessons for home business success. Note the Biology of Business comparison chart below.

Business DNA = Sustainable Business Plans

A sustainable business is a business with biological DNA or a sustainable written code that will serve as the path to follow, the business plan for building a rock solid infrastructure, establishing strong partners, penetrating a robust market and an invincible plan for growth and proliferation. Note the following:

DNA Code For Business Success

A written winning business plan with rock solid business infrastructure

Form meaningful partnerships with strong well established affiliates. How?

Establish partnerships your competition has tried to secure.

Enter a robust market with the ability to deeply penetrate it and proliferate. How? 

Do your part to keep the market robust. Make recommendations, business to business promotions, serve as a network base that allows business owners to meet, consult and combine talents and resources for mutual growth.

Assemble a motivated inspired marketing team. How?
Build enthusiasm, confidence and passion for the business

Implement a comprehensive training program. How?
A continued training program that passes wisdom and experience on to the next generation

Execute a decisive domain protection strategy. How?
Implement up-to-date online security precautions to protect the domain, web site, apps and content

Maintain and sustain a continuous revenue stream.  How?
Diversify and penetrate several markets sectors and locals. Create own market niche. Vary your investment portfolio. Offer a full compliment of product accessories or interrelated services.

That said the business plan is an intrinsic part of the biology of business. It is in fact the DNA code - a written plan that describes in detail how a business is going to build, flow, grow, lives, survives and thrives.

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