Tuesday, October 20, 2015

7 Keys To New Business Success - Part 2

This past week we discussed various failsafe strategies to start, maintain and grow your business and how to avoid business failure. Among the strategies were seek temporary employment with your competitor and learn the business from the ground up. In so doing, discover a niche in that market that has greater appeal to consumers or consider a service or product that will better serve your competitors needs. The challenge here is both time and timing.

Read Keys To New Business Success - Strategy #1

As said it takes a considerable amount of time to follow steps 1-7 of Strategy #1. But time may not be on your side. That said consider this time saving strategy #2.

Keys To New Business Success - Strategy #2

1, Read company press releases.
2. Read company interviews featuring corporate executives and administrative staff.
3. Utilize online business professionals question and answer discussion boards.
4. Read company marketing materials
5. Read company newsletters
6. Join open house company tours and ask questions about future acquisitions, customer retention, target demographics, etc.
7. Read company stock market news and investment statements,

 Even better, get your hands on your competitors business plan. That said, did you know your competitors business plan can be found online and downloaded to your device? It takes a bit of searching but it can be done. Don't have time to do in-depth online searching? Don't know where to start? There are a few reputable companies out there that offer an archive of business plans in the same industry and market that were actually used to start, grow and maintain a success business competitor. Connect with that archive and you've found a goldmine to success.

If you've considered establishing a home business, download my complete archive of winning competitor business plans drawn from established companies that have successfully penetrated the market. Visit http://businessplans.fimark.net and select the business plan and business plan-use license that best fits your needs. Once that's done you'll have your business success master strategy down-pat and your business up and running in considerably less time.