Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fix: Winning Business Plan Download Archive Now Enabled

So you tried to download Fimark's Winning Business Plans but the purchase module would not work for you? Good news. It's now up and running and better than ever. You can now choose individual business plans for download or download the entire archive. Either way you get instant business plan downloads so you can get your business plan down pat and your business off and running.

More good news. Business plan writing web app added with many features for writing, researching and producing professional business plans in no time. Go to Fimark's Winning Business Plansand download your winning business plan now.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saving Money By Lowering Interest Rates

Protecting your money means lowering your interest rate on home mortgages purchases and home refinance loans. Is this a good time to refinance? When interest rates are lower that your current rate.

The benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell to 4% from 4.06%, according to Bankrate's Sept. 23 survey of large lenders. A year ago, it was 4.3%. Four weeks ago, the rate was 4.03%. The mortgages in this week's survey had an average total of 0.26.

That means increased mortgage interest rate saving compared to previous years. Home mortgage purchase and refinance applications are up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

99 Winning Direct Sales Marketing Methods

Looking for new innovative ways to increase referrals and impact sales or services? There are many marketing strategies out there but which ones are sure to work for you.  Consider this. Marketing vs. client referrals. Some companies focus solely on marketing while others opt for methods that increase client referrals. One rule applies. Don't bother comparing apples to oranges. Use them both. 

While a business should focus on turning a great client experience into an ongoing referral stream, effective marketing is essential to create new referral origin points to grow the business. Obviously the more origin points there are the more referral streams occurs with resultant growth exponentially.  No matter if your business revolves around sales or service creating referral points of origin is vital to the life and growth of your business.  That said, make use of the 99 Winning Direct Sales Marketing Methods.

99 Winning Direct Sales Marketing Methods

The 99 Winning Direct Sales Marketing Method is not just for acquiring sales it is for creating new points of origin for client referrals via a sales force or service entity. it is a proven, tested, tried and true marketing model every business needs.

The Direct Sales Marketing Business Plan. 

The direct sales marketing plan is a list of 99 proven marketing methods that can drastically improve client referrals, sales and client retention. You are bound to run a more effective marketing campaign. It's ranked #1 on the Google search engine (keyword: Sample Direct Sales Business And Marketing Plan) because it's just that good.

Once you click over to Fimark's Winning Business Plans page select the link Direct Sales Business Plan and download the business plan. Why delay? Increase sales today. Enjoy the benefits of proven marketing methods that work. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How To Brain Storm Developing An App

A great way to market your online business is with a simple app. The app can help you keep in touch with potential clientele who share interest in your product, service or content. Apps serve varied purposes. The question is what purpose will your app serve.

Start by writing an app development business plan similar to the formats found at http://businessplans.fimark.net. Focus on objective, mission, and address the demand for the app. The market/industry it would serve. The apps features and functionality needed to respond to that demand. It's versatility of use and growth potential when developing it on popular SDK platforms such as those provided by Google, Facebook and Pinterest.

Start writing up an app development marketing and sales business plan with a focus on putting together a team of developers, web media specialists, marketing and sales professionals who can define the best possible design and features that would make the app a highly competitive product on the market.