Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Taking Advantage of Economic Recovery Part 1

In this day and age many are concerned about surviving the economy. Creditors desperate to stay afloat hammer other creditors who in turn raise the cost of living while relentlessly hammering debtors desperate for relief.

But if you can read this blog consider yourself among the privileged. You have WiFi access, you are literate and you exist in the age of economic recovery. The question is what will you do with the advantages you now have before the next economic crises hits? There is no better time to learn how to make, grow and protect your money responsibly.

Learning From The Past

There was an old tale, about a young man who decided to take his share of the family inheritance early in life and go out and see the world. He squandered his money on worldly women, wine and partying. And as the story goes, as quickly as he ran out of money, he ran out of friends. With no to bail him out he grew gravely poor, hungry and destitute. In time he came to his senses and decided to make the long trek back home and ask to serve as a hired hand in his fathers business in turn for food and shelter. The lesson?

Breaking The Anxiety Pattern

Experts say the economy is recovering. Others say it has recovered. No mater what the facts are when blessed with a few dollars in your pocket or a few grand in the bank don't squander it. Even better don't squander your time to make money or opportunities to grow your money. All too often the funds are used on bills and the rest on a vacation or entertainment. Worst some actually get into debt to get a taste of the finer things of life. Before you know it the funds run out, bills pile up and your back at square one. How can you end the cycle? Here is a list that will help you turn it all around once and for all while there is still time. Read the next article.