Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Teach Your Children To Be Responsible Adults

The District of Columbia has the highest unemployment rate jetting to 7.8 this year. Nebraska has the lowest unemployment rate leveling off to 2.7.  Why would the nations capital be losing so much ground at a time when it's population is so well represented in the white house? Many say it's legislation. Others say it's corruption. Still some say it's too much talk and rhetoric and not enough action.

Staring out of my second floor apartment looking steely eyed and disillusioned I think about how the streets sounded 6 year ago. Loud. Full of speeding cars, shot guns and the constant ring of police sirens. There was a deal going down on almost every block. Now all that is gone. I am thankful for the peace and quiet. But I can't help asking, rhetorically where did they all go?

Many are locked up based on trumped of misdemeanor charges aimed at keeping them behind bars until they have at least satisfied the city, state and Feds that they have become a responsible member of society. With less shootings, murders and fear our children have a chance at growing up. But more is needed. It begins at home. Our children need to learn how to love themselves. How?

Parents who put their children on a reward system say they are happier, more productive and quickly become goal setters. Such a system gives parents an opportunity to commend your children for their effort and cause to celebrate that effort more often. It helps them develop self-esteem and confidence. Before long they are showing interest in constructive hobbies and making plans to pursue practical goals.

Help them acquire a skill and learn a second language. Prioritize family night and at least once twice a month, Family weekend. Volunteer for community outreach programs and teach them how to give freely.

Most important, teach your children how to manage money and run a business. Give them an allowance and show them how to spend wisely and put some aside for business purposes. Be assured they will be OK. They will know how to manage. In time they will even know how to take care of you.

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