Friday, March 13, 2015

How To Make Money Online Part 2

We all want to enjoy a modest income that pays the bills and leaves us with savings and something for entertainment and recreation. I earn money posting event planning ideas via my blog. As readership grows so does my income, thanks to the ads I placed on the blog.

There are other ways to earn income from a blog, social or email account.

First enter an affiliate partnership with companies and brands you know and trust. Post product and web resource recommendations from your blog, social or email account. This increases income potential exponentially. Here's how.

Like tees, shirts, hoodes, caps, neckties and ornaments? Check out the stuff featured at Zazzle. Zazzle let's you sell their custom designed shirts, hoodies, caps and more. Post them on your blog and increase your income stream.

Sell website builders by talking about a specific website design and why you love it. Sell professional websites using this tool. 

Does your school, church or club need to raise funds? Recommend fundraiser apps (no credit card required) to everyone and anyone who is part of a club, organization or association. Resell fundraiser apps (no credit card required) via your blog and put the scan code on your phone so people can get to it quickly and easily.

Like to shop online?  Open a free account on . Sell anything and everything you want from your blog. Create a free social account and comment on products you like. Link you blog to it to pull in more readers and potential shoppers.

Send email links to friends you know will love a certain product. When they buy it you automatically earn a commission. Imagine selling a swing set, refrigerator or stereo system. You get the idea.

Need more details and inspiration? Visit and follow the step by step online business start-up tutorial.