Friday, March 13, 2015

How To Make Money Online Part 1

The best things in life are free. That means only very small investments are needed to start your own work-at-home business. The rest is what the "good earth gives up to you" and for you. That said, if a modest income is all you need here are some great ideas on how to earn it while working from home.

1. Get a free web page on Google Plus and Facebook.
2. Setup a free Blog on Blogger
3. Blog your heart out. One brief blog post per day will do. Talk about things you love, would like to try or are good at doing and the tasteful things the kids and pets do that make you laugh. Take pictures and video of your more tasteful activities and post them to the blog.
4. Post positive quotes and words of wisdom. The ones that keep you going. There is an
    endless list on Pinterest.
5. Post recipes, DIY tips, inspiring stories, 
6. Invite friends and family to view pics and video on your blog and comment.
7. Like to tell short or ongoing stories? Make them up as you go along. People love fiction.
    Especially silly fiction.
8. Post funny T-shirts designs

As you can see finding content is easy. But how do you make money from your content? That's the question. In the earnings section of Blogger enable Google Ads. You'll earn money every time someone visits your blog and clicks on an ad.

Need more details and inspiration? Visit and follow the step by step online business start-up tutorial.