Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Protect Your Wages Earnings and Assets

Contending with the  ruthlessly exploits of lenders and thieves is no joke. This is a wage and earnings defenders news, tips and tools resources helping consumers, employees, business owners and wage earners fight predatory creditor tactics. 

Imagine being subjected to a constant onslaught of income and banking theft while having your wages garnished and your home foreclosed and life savings hijacked. This resource shows you how to fight back, get your seized assets and stolen wages back and even grow your money to offset losses. 

Our focus is on defensive success stories, making use of the legal system to stop creditor harassment, reverse income hijackers, end garnishment of wages, examining and halt various predatory tactics while learning how to stop wrongful debt collection.

Here you will find helpful consumer info and economic news you should know about to create a strong credit profile, build an income cushion, learn how to create a defensive budget and establish a fall back second income stream to recover losses while making practical use of the justice system, consumer advocacy programs, arbitration and make smarter financial decisions to protect it all. 

Lets start with protecting your wages from garnishment

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