Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Most Important Growth Stategy For Business

Let's talk about growing your money from a business perspective. If you were to ask a group of entrepreneurs to identify the single most important growth strategy for business your answers would be varied. Some would say:
1. Just do what you say your going to do.
2. Don't disappoint the client.
3. Build an effective infrastructure.
4. Focus on up selling
5. Good lead conversion
6. Good client retention. 
Still It's one thing to see the importance of carrying out the following this advice. it's another thing to know how to execute it.
That said the best strategy is knowing what your competition is doing. Carefully study your competitors strategy and know what key factors enable effective market penetration. That means knowing which competitors to target. Here are some helpful points.

  • Well established in the market, meaning said penetration runs deep and wide.
  • Experienced in its line of business
  • Been in the green for a considerable amount of time
  • Has an economic flexibility strategy
  • Can successfully keep up with changing times and technologies.
Choose a competitor whose infrastructure has proven to be effective on all levels. Customer response time. Steady sales growth. Good conversion strategy. Long term client retention, etc.
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