Saturday, December 13, 2014

How To Market Your Business

A private school educator asked us how they might go about marketing their services to the community while drawing in sponsors. Here are a few ideas any small business educator might consider invaluable.

You might consider featuring a kids edited blog and/or vlog regarding special events held throughout the school year. Include themes like "A Day In The LIfe of... " or "One Giant Leap to... " , "Whose Minding The Classroom?", "My night at the Museum"
Showcase kids ingenious inventions, entrepreneurship ideas, performing and artistic talents. Give acknowledgments and credits to sponsors.

Publish a monthly community newsletter comprised of parenting tips, educational programs, learning tools and apps, community and school news as well as upcoming special events. The aim of each article being to showcase one or two features of the curriculum and educational services unique to your schools approach to teaching training and education.

Hold science fairs, performing arts events, enter statewide expos, hold seminars and webinars regarding education alternatives, Consider drawing in sponsorship from local businesses at school sporting events and other occasions.

Hold an annual Night a the Museum event for parents and children. Feature tours, live action costumed presentations of world and community historic events. Action scenes from blockbuster movies depicting historic events. Life size realistic puppets of the Jurassic period, etc. Hand out marketing packets featuring upcoming school events, dates and times for enrollment, discount coupons and freebies provided by local sponsors.

Hold a kid entrepreneur business plan writing contest officiated by school educators and judged by a panel of local businesses with credits, acknowledgements and awards presented by sponsors.

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