Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Etsy Business Plan

So you have an Etsy account. Your products are on display. But your sales are slowing to a trickle. What to do?

Think about this. People buy a quality product because they're able to get a good close look at it, It appears to be well make, there is something or someone associated with the product that touched them emotionally or impressed them in someway.

They feel personally engaged by the person promoting the product.

Branding with personality can go a long way toward promoting your products or service. That's where blogging or vlogging comes in. Consider doing both. Talk about the upside of your life, display a product and show your viewers how you made it.
Explain the story or message behind the product and materials used to make it and what that means to you.

If you have giving the product to a friend or family member as a gift talk about how well it was received.

Remember to incorporate that Etsy professionalism, charm and joy of handcrafting in your presentations.  Speak slowly, calmly and above all delight your audience.

You'll find more marketing and promotion ideas in the Etsy business plan.