Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10th Day Mortgage Rates Drop - Good Time To Refinance?

Todays mortgage rate levels are consistently low as rates continue to decrease partly due to the Feds stance to stick to the policy to stimulate the economy. Since the Feds decision home financing has been positively impacted. Resales increase and refinancing appears to be making a marginal comeback. Lenders have responded by offering lower rates on varied loan products.

Good Time to Refinance?

Is this a good time to refinance your home loan? Homeowners are eager to lower their rates or jump from an adjustable loan to a fixed loan while others are opting for cash out deals at low rate levels.

Refinancing Wave Craze 

Loan consultants encourage consumers to consider home refinancing as well as equity loan options according to ones personal financial profile. As online refinancing activity increases homeowners may wish to catch the refinancing wave craze but it is recommended that each household weigh the costs in the long term and carefully discuss the matter with a financial consultant when mortgage rates are low. Refinancial News Update