Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Make These Mistakes Seeking Legal Advice.

Don't make these mistakes seeking legal advice.

1. Getting charged an initial consultation fee

2. Spending your free consultation time trying to get info off your cell phone

3. Bringing only a verbal complaint to the office

4. Getting upset because you were not prepared for your free consultation session

Before you make the phone call or visit a legal office get prepared. How and save hundreds, even thousands in consultation fees. How? Visit our blog and get a free preparatory checklist for the following cases.

1. Class Action Lawsuits

2. Car Accident lawsuits

3. Divorce Negotiations

4. Injury Compensation

5. Lead Paint Illness

6. Mortgage Fraud

7. Home Foreclosuer

8. Faulty Consumer Products

9. Property Damage

10. Medical Malpractice

11. Business Bankruptcy

12. Personal Bankruptcy

13. Credit Card Fraud

It's practical, logical and free