Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Legal Help When Facing Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure?

For those looking for free consultation and government run arbitration programs, yes there's not only a checklist for that but a whole webiste of assistants.

First the Home Foreclosure Consultation checklist.

1. Carefully read foreclosure compaint letter from lender

2.  Ascertain and document whether the lender complied with the new foreclosure procedural requirements

3. Raise the lender's noncompliance with the law as an affirmative defense in their answer to the foreclosure complaint

4. Loan Papers

4. Gather Pay Stubs/ Bank Statements. The last two months of pay stubs

5. Gather or Create a Personal Budget

6.  Gather Multi-Family Home Rental Income Documentation.

7. Gather Rental receipts given to their tenants each month.

8. Monthly Mortgage Statements. The last three months of statements

9. Gather Supporting Documents. Any paperwork the homeowner has received from their mortgage company.

10. Gather a list of reasons why your mortgage has been in arrears.
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Dealing with Mortgage Fraud?
Carefully examine the Foreclosure Complaint Letter. File an answer to the complaint.
Concisely deny any allegations in the complaint that are false. Establish any affirmative defenses which may be applicable as follows:
(a) the mortgage was entered into fraudulently or in violation of the Truth in Lending Act
(b) the lender failed to comply with applicable notice periods
(c) the lender failed to personally serve the foreclosure summons and complaint.

Above all act quickly.