Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding Legal Consultation For Class Action Lawsuits

There are few recent class-action settlements that you just might be eligible for.

View the following list of recent class action lawsuits for 2009.
Products included: energy drinks, name-brand prescription drugs, and zombie microwaves.

Slenderize Drinks
Slenderizing energy drinks labels allegedly misleading information.

Moble Devise Early Termination Fees
Flat-rate early termination fee instead of a prorated fee for canceling your contract.

450 Prescription Drugs
The suit alleges price-fixing among major pharmaceutical companies

Bextra and Celebrex
The medication may cause illness

Name Brand Microwaves
The units may cause fire hazard, pet illness

Checklist of Initital Steps To Take

1. Take not of the brand name of your product
2. Locate purchase reciepts
3. Read contract details
4. Read disclaimer details and warnings
5. Read side effects details and warnings
6. Look up product reviews
7. Record any problems, illnesses, etc.
8. Get a full examination
9. Take pictures for visual evidents
10. Get a copy of all police, medical or fire department reports
11. Hire investigator for additional reports
12. Look up product class action lawsuites
13. Look up class action lawyers online (Google Search)
14. Request class action form
15. Complete form
16. Mail in form