Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding consultants for car accidents

How to avoid misrepresentation when your in an auto accident.
You feel the police report contains misimformation. The so-called witnesses take sides against you. How do you get justice? You must act in your behalf and act fast.

1. Call a certified investigative consultant on the spot.
2. Turn on your cellphone recorder.
3. Do not move any cars
4. Take pictures of the cars
5. Take of the skid marks
6. Take pictures of intersections and street signs adjacent to the accident scene.
7. Take pictures of any street cameras
8. Take pictures of street lights
9. Use a camera with time recorder
11. Ask police to make a record of your a statement of what you believe occured
12. Call friends and relatives who can arrive on the scene.
13. Make a note of all injuries
14. Take pictures of cuts bruises and abrasions
15  Go to the emergency room and get a full examination including ex-rays.
16. Get a copy of the admittance and examination records
17. keep a log of all expenses encurred and work time missed
18. Get immediate appraisal from insurance company.
19. Contact your attorney
20. Get sattelite records of the accident (pictures and video)