Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrex Class Action Lawsuit

Celebrex Class Action Lawsuit
The Celebrex Class Action lawsuit is a lawsuit brought by one party on behalf of the group of individuals all having the same grievance including drug allergy reactions when taking the medication. In such case court action is taken in which many people filing similar lawsuits attem to recover losses and damages.

The suit alleges medication caused illness
Note: Another type of class action suit may allege price-fixing among major pharmaceutical companies

Losses and Damages:
Illness caused by use of the product, job loss due to illness, loss of housing, healthcare provisions, stress related losses. etc.

Checklist of Initital Steps To Take Before Filing Class Action Lawsuit

1. Take not of the brand name of your product
2. Locate purchase reciepts
3. Read contract details
4. Read disclaimer details and warnings
5. Read side effects details and warnings
6. Look up product reviews
7. Record any problems, illnesses, etc.
8. Get a full examination
9. Take pictures for visual evidents
10. Get a copy of all police, medical or fire department reports
11. Hire investigator for additional reports
12. Look up product class action lawsuites
13. Look up class action lawyers online (Google Search)
14. Request class action form
15. Complete form
16. Mail in form