Friday, August 12, 2005

Home Refinancing A Good Investment Strategy

With a wide selection of high yeild investment strategies now available it may be hard to believe there may be an investment opportunity sitting in your front yard.

Borrowers have yet another chance to lock in low long term rates as 30-year fixed mortgages are once again below 6.00% or convert out of variable rate loans, especially those loans indexed to the Prime Rate which now stands at 6.00%.

The objective is to lower your rates and reduce mortgage payments in order to free up funds to invest in high yield accounts. Once way to do this is consideringlowering your rates on home financing be opting to refinance your home loan.

Rates on 15-year,fixed-rate mortgages, a popular choice for refinancing a mortgage are still holding steady well below the 6 percent threshold. It's easy to see where the savings comes in if your current rates are 6.50% or higher.